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Warhammer Online: One Shots, Destruction is fun
- Oct 12, 2008
We're not just talking about playing Destruction classes (which is pretty fun in itself) but in the general destruction wrought in the lands of Warhammer Online. Today's One Shots shows off just that type of carnage brought by the will of Brevia of Genocidal Tendencies, who sent this screen in to us. She writes in: Brevia is giggling with manic pleasure shortly after torching the building (in the tier 1 area of the human pairing known as Nordland) you see behind her -- as well as torturing and killing the guard who once stood there protecting it. Long live Destruction! And yes, Stunties do in fact taste like chicken!

Are you playing Warhammer Online? Have we seen screenshots from you yet? If not, what are you waiting for! Grab some screens of your adventuring and send them to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your character name/server/guild and a quick description of what we're seeing in the picture. After all, what's the point of tearing it up in your favorite MMO if you can't show it off.

WOW: News From the Wider MMO World
- Sep 27, 2008
The MMO genre is more than World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, and Warhammer Online. Here's what's going on in the rest of the world.

Secret of the Solstice gets new patch with new content.Outspark's Secret of the Solstice, the free-to-play fantasy MMO, has updated its client with a new patch. Available for both new players and veterans alike is a brand-new zone featuring new quests and a lush jungle landscape. Furthering the overarching storyline is a new initiative to pursue GM Alastor across the Emperonie Plateau and the Aserphel, Cretino, and Turmeit deserts. Finally, players can now view all of an NPC's available quests at the same time and choose which mission to undertake. Download the new patch at the SotS website.

New Warlock class available to Grand Chase players.KOG and Ntreev, publisher of Grand Chase, the side-scrolling fantasy brawler, has announced an update to the character class known as Arme. Arme, in addition to her Mage and Combat Alchemist jobs, now has access to a third: Warlock. The abilities of the Warlock job include summoning the spirits of earth, wind, fire, and water, to produce spectacular effects and fight with greater power than ever before. Before deciding if you want to switch jobs to the Warlock class, make sure to check up on the job's requirements on the Grand Chase website.

WoW update: Cheeky's Hunter Spreadsheet gets revived
- Aug 17, 2008
Serious hunters in World of Warcraft have probably heard of Cheeky, Lactose, and the amazing Hunter spreadsheet developed to help hunters in itemization and analysis of their existing DPS. Suffice it to say that around a week ago, Cheeky and Lactose retired from World of Warcraft, leaving their Hunter spreadsheet open for people to pick up, use, and possibly continue.

Well, it seems that one intrepid hunter has taken up the cause of informative spreadsheets! The Hunting Lodge reports that Wertez has decided to pursue further development of the spreadsheet for the hunter-playing public.

It also appears as if a new version is also up for people to download, though the title of the file still remains version 1. That said, we invite folks to check out the latest version of the Hunter Spreadsheet and compare it to the one they have to see if anything has changed.

Age of Conan next patch delayed indefinitely for testing
- Jul 30, 2008
Funcom Community Manager Glen "Famine" Swan released some news that may either disappoint or please subscribers of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. It seems that the planned update for today has been delayed.

According to Famine's post on the Age of Conan official forums, they're currently working hard to get the update on the live servers by tomorrow. However, they will only put it up once they've had a chance to test it and are happy with its current state. If they aren't able to fully test it though, they may hold the update until next week.

We can probably expect to hear more about this as more developments come up so be sure to keep checking back here on the QJ.NET Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures blog for more updates.

The Age of Conan Weekend Warrior: new content, huge patch, cheaper mounts
- Jul 23, 2008
Hyborians, to yet another episode of the Age of Conan Weekend Warrior. This was an exciting week for subscribers to say the least as we see the biggest, meatiest patch yet! If that's not enough, there was also an announcement of new content and an expansion in the pipeline at this year's E3 2008.

This week, we experienced yet another E3 event. Erling Ellingson, the product manager for Funcom's Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures was at the event where he let slip that the developers are currently working on a new expansion of the game

He also mentioned that we will also be getting some new content including a new area at Ymir's Pass for level 55+ characters as well as a new raid dungeon called the House of Crom.

Moving on, this week sees the biggest (and some would argue the meatiest) patch to ever grace the game. We've got mount cost reductions, improvements on the GUI of the game (complete with and emote GUI!) and more. Follow the link below to check out the patch notes for yourself. A lot of gamers have been posting very positive comments about the recent July 17 patch that Funcom rolled out. I was actually pretty impressed with all the fixes and changes the developers were able to sneak in. However, there were still a number of bugs that made it into the game. Well, at least the major issues were hotfixed soon after. Now, as expected there are players who are still complaining about the patch. Now, it made me wonder, why are these people still playing the game? If they hate the game so much, why don't they just leave? Sure, they always say that they're going to be leaving once their subscription comes out, but a month later they're still on.

WOW: Impact of Activision Blizzard
- Jul 08, 2008
Gamasutra has taken an interesting and in-depth look the Activision Blizzard merger, its affect on their gaming titles, and on the games industry.

The surprise announcement of the impending merger of Activision and Vivendi Games that was announced in December 2007 caused shockwaves throughout the industry that are still being felt now, in mid-2008, as the deal rolls towards completion.

The prospective company (still pending approval for its existence from stockholders and various government agencies) has made even further waves with other recent moves, such upcoming CEO Bobby Kotick floating concepts such as Blizzard being used to push Activision franchises such as Guitar Hero into Asian markets and the decision to leave the Entertainment Software Association (and as a result not taking part in this year's E3).

AOC: Hyborian Adventures developer discusses mounts
- Jun 16, 2008
Svein Erik "Sharum" Jenset from Funcom Oslo was recently on the official Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures forum where he discussed some of the issues surrounding in-game mounts in the PC version of the game and gave out a few tips for players as well.

First up, he discussed what is currently, one of the hottest topics on the forums: mount speeds. He explained that there were a few bugs regarding mount movement speed (when the game first came out, mounts moved at the same speed as the player) but they have already resolved this issue.

In addition, he added that the recent patch for the game has increased the movement speeds of horses, rhinos, and mammoths in the game. This pretty much means that moving around with them should be much better than before.

He also addressed the players who have reported that the use of both the Rhino and Mammoth mounts in the game are too specialized. Jenset explained that these mounts were, from the initial conceptualization, specialized to begin with and that the developers don't want to make any changes to it until more members of the community are taking part in siege warfare:

When it comes to their usability in siege warfare we would like to put off any further balancing until guilds around the world have started par-taking in this activity on a more or less regular basis. Tweaking something "just right" is never easy, and making something "overpowered" is equally bad to making something "nerfed".
These mounts were, from the start, designed to be a fearsome weapon in siege warfare and not something you would climb to the top of just to either ride from A to B or slaughter a group of unsuspecting picts.

Finally, he also discussed the need for players to purchase Basic Riding in order top use Mammoth and Rhino special abilities. Apparently, these skills were supposed to be given for free when a player claims a pre-order mount. Don't worry though, as these issues will be (or probably have been) fixed already. For more details, check out the full post by following our source link below.

Urgent Notice
- May 15, 2008

Due to the earthquake happened on May 12th, our support and delivery work were temporarily interrupted in the past two days. All the orders and support were delayed. We are so sorry for the inconvenience to you. Now we are gradually resuming our work. We are trying our best to establish a temporary workplace and begin to deliver the past orders and accept new orders. We are doing our best to deliver now.

Know more information about the earthquake.

More infomation about the earthquake

The Lord of the Rings Online New Lorebook Entry: Dwalin!
- Apr 08, 2008
Dwalin, son of Fundin, is the brother of Balin and was one of Thorin Oakenshields companions on the Quest of Erebor. Long after Smaug was slain and the Lonely Mountain reclaimed, King DA in Ironfoot sent him to the Blue Mountains to inquire as to why the Master of Thorins Hall had stopped sending tribute to Erebor. With the aid of the Sons of Elrond, he uncovered a plot by the outcast Dourhand clan to raise their evil lord, Skorgra­m.

Dwalin remained at Thorins Hall as its new Master, charged with defending the dwarf-realm from assault by both the Dourhands and the goblins who had begun to sneak back into the Blue Mountains. Strange happenings and unfortunate accidents have strained relations between the Dwarves of Thorins Hall and the Elves of Duillond, however, and only the diligent efforts of Lord Dwalin have kept the peace.

Dwalin is just one of many characters in The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar that was drawn from the lore created by J.R.R. Tolkien. Players in LOTRO will encounter him many times throughout the game, from the dwarf and elf newbie experiences to high-level Epic Story quests.

WoW: New Patch Fury of the Sunwell Announced Mar.25,2008
- Mar 25, 2008
Blizzard has announced the Fury of the Sunwell, the next major patch for World of Warcraft. The patch will include a new five person dungeon, a new raid on the Sunwell Plateau, new areas and more.

Brace yourself for the Fury of the Sunwell, the next content patch for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. You have traveled through the Dark Portal and braved the perils of Outland; you faced off against the might of the Burning Legion itself, and you prevailed. Now the journey that began with the arrival of the draenei on Azeroth and the blood elves' inclusion into the Horde is about to come full circle as a mighty army gathers to purge evil from one of Azeroth's most important loci of power: the ancient, magical Sunwell.

Explore the mystical grounds of the new 5-person dungeon, Magisters' Terrace, where one of the Burning Crusade's most notorious villains is preparing to make his desperate last stand. Lead your raid group straight into the heart of the Sunwell Plateau to confront the most terrifying and deadly agents of the Burning Legion. But beware, for your enemies will not go down without a fight. Expect the demons to send in their most ferocious, brutal, and powerful officers. Your greatest challenge yet waits.

The new dungeon and raid content is not the only new addition of this upcoming patch. More than a dozen new daily quests will provide fresh new challenges, and a brand-new faction stands ready to reward you for your bravery and commitment. The call goes out to the strongest, most cunning, and bravest heroes to join the Shattered Sun Offensive in the battle to reclaim the Sunwell.

BlizzCast Episode 2 Live!
- Feb 28, 2008
Blizzard has released the long awaited BlizzCast Episode 2 with tons of exciting interviews: Chris Metzen, Geoff Goodman, Tom Chilton, and Andy Chambers. Even if you read the transcript, please download physically the BlizzCast MP3. Blizzard monitors the downloads counter. Each download is worth producing new episodes which might be upgraded to videocasts. Just imagine mini-BlizzCon powerpoint presentations, exclusive gameplay footage from unreleased games, and such(Speculation).

Blizzard Community Managers Karune, Bornakk and Nethaera interviewed four Blizzard Developers: Chris Metzen, Geoff Goodman, Tom Chilton, and Andy Chambers. Topics by Metzen and Goodman in this podcast range from Starcraft, Diablo and World of Warcraft lore to the revamped World of Warcraft's Magtheridon's Lair in the upcoming patch 2.4.

Andy Chambers focuses more with the lore of Starcraft 2, specifically a scene shown in the official site which Chambers reveals to be Bel'shir, one of the moons of the Mackan system.

Finally, Chilton focus on Battlegrounds, and the changes to be made to the Retribution Paladin class, dagger improvements for Combat-dagger-spec Rogues. Their point of view concerning Prot-spec Warrior on PvP. Plans for Wrath of the Lich King where Blizzard will introduce new competitive PvE loot that will help PvE players survive on PvP.

The second episode of the official Blizzard Podcast, BlizzCast, is now available! It begins with none other than Vice President of Creative Development Chris Metzen who shares his thoughts and experiences on building the stories for the franchises. From the origin of Starcraft to the conceptual stage of continuing stories in Wrath of the Lich King and Starcraft II, they get to share with you his point of view on making some of the most epic stories ever had a chance to play.

Mmosale advice: How to spot real Blizzard emails
- Dec 11, 2007
What will Blizzard ask in emails and what they will not:

There are a couple of things that will instantly pop up the question if a mail is from Blizzard or not. Most of the times fake emails will ask for your password; Blizzard will NEVER asks for these things! DO NOT reply to these kind of emails!

Blizzard however will sometimes ask for things like:

  • Your account details
  • Other Character details

    Unless the email you received is a direct response to an email you have sent, never reply to such emails.

Known email addresses:

Blizzard emails will ALWAYS come from! Here you can find a list of known email addresses that are valid:

  • (used for EU account reviews)
  • (used for USA account reviews)
  • (used by Blizzard insider)
  • (used by Blizzard insider)

    So for example email addresses below are not valid:

Technical information about the email addresses:

If you are still not sure about the email address you can check some technical information.

Blizzard US

Blizzard EU

Blizzard insider
An example:

OK here’s an example of an email scam.

As you can see in the images this a beta invite for WLK (or so it seems). But do note the following things:

  • Typo in the email: World of Warcraft
  • The URL is a spoof (check the link in the email and note the link left under)
  • The header data says it is from but the received from says another address
  • The received SPF says it is not permitted nor denied. A real Blizzard email shows up as accepted.

    So remember, keep your eyes out for such things!

Check the links:

The mail sometimes contains links. BEWARE that you are sure it is a valid link. For example:

  • (while it links to
  • (while it links to

    Always double check the link you are going to click! Also note the difference between a "0" (zero) and "o"(for example or a "1" (one) and "l" (for example Also as of lately scammers use & (two "V"'s next beside each other instead of a "W").

    This is also known as "Phishing". For more details read this page:

    To make sure a link is valid; Blizzard always used a secure connection. You can recognize this by the link provided is https://. Both Firefox and Internet Explorer display these website locations with a lock-icon.
Mmosale Bonus Cash plan started, up to 5%!! Sep.23, 07
- Sep 24, 2007

Thank you a lot for your persistent support for Mmosale. From now on, we will start a Bonus Cash Reward program, which opens a Bonus Cash Account for you. Every time you shop, you can earn Bonus Reward according to a certain proportion of the amount of your purchase. You can use the reward in your Bonus Cash Account at any time to shop the items of our merchandise. If you have enough reward in your Bonus Cash Account, you can even in your next purchase obtain the game gold or service you want for free! Here inafter is the proportion of your payment and bonus reward:

               1  –   20   EUR  0.1%

               20 –  50   EUR  0.2%

               50  – 80   EUR  0.5%

               80  – 120  EUR    1%

             120 –  200  EUR    4%

             250+          EUR    5%

WoW Profession Guides Wanted!
- Jul 26, 2007
Have you created your own high-quality profession guides? We plan on linking to the best player-created guides on our profession guide links page. If you've written an excellent guide about one of the game's many professions, there's a good chance we'll link to it on! Here are the requirements:
1· Guide must be focused entirely on at least one of the twelve professions of World of Warcraft
2· Blizzard does not host guides; they must be hosted on your own web server
3· Site must be capable of getting traffic from our web site (estimated 1,000-20,000 hits a day)
4· Guides must contain quality information
5· Must not contain offensive content or link to offensive content
6· We will link to good guides posted in the World of Warcraft forums
7· Advertising links on your site must not link to sites that violate the World of Warcraft Terms of Use Agreement
8· Broken links will be removed if site is down for a long period of time
9· Blizzard reserves the rights to add/remove links at any time
Mmosale Proclaims Price reduction of WoW gold, from 1.49 EUR /100 gold
- Jul 26, 2007
On 7 July, we adjusted the prices of WoW gold in a vast scale. The prices of most of the servers dropped more than 10%, the lowest of which reached 1.49 EUR /100 gold. The prices of most servers remain from 1.49 EUR /100 gold to 2.49 EUR /100 gold.


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