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How do I place an order? (The entire order procedure)
Order procedure 1

Setp 1: Select your preferred game from the game list on the left side of the Mmosale home page, enter the game page.
Why is my shopping cart still empty after I add products?
This is caused by a temporary cookie failure of your browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox). In this case, you simply need to close all your browser windows and reopen them. Enter our website address, add the previously selected products, and the problem is solved.
Why is my order history record on your website still blank?

This problem may be caused by one of two possibilities:
• Because of a network communication delay or temporary failure, the payment website has not sent your payment confirmation information to our website.
• After the payment is completed, if you directly close the browser while the page is still on the payment website, the information cannot be sent back to us.

But don't worry! Our contact staff continuously processes orders 24 hours a day. Once such an error is detected, it will be recovered within 15 minutes, and a staff member will manually generate an order for you from the website records.

How do I know whether my order went through or not?
Generally, if your order is successfully placed, you will see an order confirmation page, which shows your order number and other information. At the same time, you will receive a confirmation email including your order information from Mmosale. In a very few cases, because of a temporary network failure, your order may not be automatically generated. But don't worry! Our contact staff continuously processes orders 24 hours a day. Once such an error is detected, it will be recovered within 15 minutes, and a staff member will manually generate an order for you from the website records.
How can I find out the status of my order?
You can log in to your account, and refer to your order details and status under "My Orders". In addition, when the status of your order changes, we will send an email to inform you. Please check your email.
What's the meaning of each order status?

Pending: If your order status is pending, it usually because we are still waiting for your payment. Or your order may have some problems that are preventing delivery. For example: your character name does not exist, or we may need you to confirm your order. Please remember check the emails we send to you and log in to the website to check your order details.

Processing: If your order status is processing, that means we are still arranging delivery for your order or the delivery is in progress. Please remain online in order to receive your order.

Partial Delivery: In some cases, we may deliver an order in several stages. You do not have to worry about it. There is no need to worry. We will finalize the delivery as soon as possible.

Delivered: This means your order is delivered or your power leveling is finished.

Refund: We have refunded your order.

Why does my order need to be confirmed by phone?
In order to guarantee the trading safety between our customers and us, we will call you to confirm your order if you are buying for the first time or placing a large order. Relax. We only phone to confirm your order information and will never ask you for your personal information.
Can I change the server and character name?
Yes, they can be revised before delivery is made. Please email us about this. If there is a difference in price between the two servers, we will discuss that with you.


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