The most recent game from EA, EA Sports FC 24, is the first to be released after they stopped working with FIFA. The gameplay in FC 24 is similar to other FIFA games, with a few new additions to enhance the overall experience. Sales and the number of new users have surpassed those of FIFA23 by 20%, indicating its popularity.


The FIFA series’ Ultimate Team mode has undoubtedly gained the most attention. In FC24, the Ultimate Team mode has undergone a significant change. With the addition of female players, the player lineup’s selectivity and compatibility have drastically improved, leading to more diverse gameplay and playing styles. The Player Evolutions feature enables players to upgrade their favorite player cards to higher levels, allowing them to form a lineup using their preferred players to the fullest extent.

Now, let’s look at the top 5 Pacey Wingers we selected who are perfect for Evo!

Malcom – Al Hilal

91 Pace, 88 Dribbling, 4 Star Skills。It has a perfect tacit understanding with Neymar. It has been hugely popular with players since the launch of Evo, indicating that it is truly exceptional. However, it’s worth noting that only one player card can be evolved per evolution, so completing Malcolm’s player card should be a top priority.


Matteo Politano – Napoli

Politano was a fan favourite in FIFA 23 with his Winter Wildcard which held 14 different player traits. Well he’s back for EA FC 24 but this time with just the 6 PlayStyles.  A great Serie A option and in our opinion a must complete if you took Raspadori from the earlier Relentless Winger.


Alisha Lehmann – Aston Villa (W)

The evolved Alisha Lehmann adds some depth to the WSL’s right-sided attacking options and is an excellent option if you’re a Villa fan. Although her 3 Star Skills rating may be underwhelming, her 86 Pace and Dribbling abilities make her a valuable asset. Moreover, this female athlete is highly skilled and widely recognized within the athletic community.



Lucas Vazquez – Real Madrid

Despite being a right-back by default, Lucas Vazquez has excellent potential to excel in future games due to his winger abilities. With upgrades, he may reach a speed rating of nearly 90, as well as his shooting and passing skills. Additionally, his ball control is noteworthy. It’s also worth mentioning that being from Spain and Real Madrid makes him more accessible to a team without causing chemistry concerns.

Brahim Diaz – Real Madrid

Usually, it seems that no other Spanish Real Madrid players will be featured in Evo after Brahim Diaz. However, Brahim Diaz boasts impressive stats such as 95 Balance and 93 Agility, making it difficult for opponents to take the ball away from him.     


As the game continues to update, more and more new players will join the Evolutions. Please remember that the recommended players above are suggestions and not necessarily the best choices. Ultimately, the decision is yours, and there is no right or wrong answer, and you can choose your favorite players for evolution.  

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