With the update of the Brimstone Sand, the main story quest line in New World has been revamped. These changes and updates have simplified the upgrade process to  a great extent. In the meantime, this leveling guide contains all the critical information you need to level up your New World character quickly and easily.

Whether you’re a new player or creating a character on a newly launched server and looking for the fastest way to level up in a New World, this guide is just what you need. By following this leveling tip, you can reach the maximum level in approximately 30 hours!

Leveling changes in the Brimstone Sands update

With the release of Brimstone Sands, the new world’s main story questline has been revamped, and these changes and updates streamline the leveling process. The most impactful change in New World’s leveling process is the major reduction of character experience needed to reach the maximum level.


Here are some factors that can speed up the leveling process in the Brimstone Sands update:

With simplified missions and improved starting areas, leveling 1-25 is now faster and easier.

140% character XP reduction through level 45

160% character XP reduction through level 60

You can check the New World Database article to learn about the experience points required to upgrade each level in the new world.


Key Takeaways for leveling up quickly in the New World

1 Complete the main story quests

Main story quests, also known as “MSQ”, are the main source of XP when leveling your character. At the same time, you must complete the main storyline to obtain your Azoth Staff, which will be very useful in your leveling process and in multiple activities after level 60.

The main quest will take you through different areas of Aeternum while you gain a lot of experience points. However, the experience points provided by the main missions do not allow you to reach the maximum level, so you will also need to gain additional experience points by completing various activities, such as side quests, faction missions, corrupted portals, and expeditions.


2 Complete side missions while working on the storyline quests

In the Brimstone Sands update, the quickest way to level up is by accepting multiple missions, including both main and side quests.

Side quests can provide us with many experience points and other rewards, and they are usually not challenging to complete. However, it must be noted that if the side quests will take you away from the main mission area or there is no fast travel point nearby to travel back and forth quickly, please do not go out of your way to complete them.

Usually, they are chain tasks, which require you to complete various tasks back and forth continuously, and this may add a lot of time to you, and all that extra traveling will not be worth it. You can choose to complete side tasks in towns as much as possible because you must visit these places to complete the main task anyway, allowing you to carry out main missions and side tasks simultaneously.

3 Join faction and start PVP to get extra experience points

If you want to speed up your leveling process and reach the highest level, joining a faction is a MUST. There are three factions in the new world, namely the Marauders, Syndicate, and Covenant, and you can choose to join a faction once you reach level 17. Regardless of the faction you select, if you activate PVP mode and engage in any experience-earning activities, you’ll receive an additional 10% experience bonus.


4 Complete faction missions only if it’s worth it

You can get up to 6 faction missions from any faction quartermaster – 3 PVE and 3 PVP missions. It’s highly recommended only to pick up and complete the PvE ones! This is because PvP missions do not allow you to teleport back to town, so completing them will require much extra time. This is not suitable if your primary goal is to level up quickly.

So, when you complete or accept main and side quests, remember to check out what faction missions are available for you in that area. Choosing faction missions in the same area as your main and side missions can save a lot of traveling. Additionally, if you want to level up through expeditions, then expedition-related faction missions are totally worth it.

5 Avoid the town board missions when leveling

The town board missions used to be one of the best recommended for leveling up, but now the experience points awarded by these missions have been reduced by about 70%, so completing these missions is extremely ineffective nowadays!

6 Postpone your trade skills leveling until you are max level

When focusing on improving the character level, it is not recommended to learn trade skills early on. You are indeed getting character XP when using any of your trade skills (gathering, refining, and crafting). Still, this doesn’t do much for you if you want to level up quickly because your trade Skills require a lot of time to collect resources and refine reagents required for crafting.


7 Stick to the same weapon types when leveling your character

In the new world, there are 14 weapon types to choose from, but you can only equip and use two at a time. It is recommended that you select the weapon types that best suit your play style and stick with them throughout your entire leveling journey. Although experimenting with different types of weapons can be enjoyable, it may slow down your leveling progress.

When you kill an enemy with a specific weapon, you activate the corresponding weapon experience to improve your ability to master that weapon. This unlocks additional skills and buffs for specific weapon levels that allow you to use that type, making the weapons more powerful. However, if you keep switching between different weapon types, it will be difficult for you to master any one weapon, which will negatively impact your ability to level up.

8 Maximize your traveling efficiency

As you level up, the story of the new world will take you through every area of Aeternum, so it’s best to maximize your traveling efficiency.

I believe that doing the above points will allow you to improve your character’s level in the new world quickly. However, as we all know, the game begins only when you reach the maximum level. You may already have some knowledge about Aeternum, and you’ll face numerous challenges, and it’s crucial to keep getting stronger.

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