FromSoftware is returning to the Armored Core VI series after over a decade of absence. The company aims to deliver its best work yet. Armored Core VI takes inspiration from some of FromSoftware’s recent titles but still includes all the beloved elements of the robot combat series that fans have come to appreciate. The result is a game that pays homage to its roots as a robot simulator while offering a new and improved experience that caters to the preferences of a new generation of players. 

During a recent game experience event, Bandai Namco Entertainment provided us with the opportunity to visit the armory, construct our own robot, travel to the Rubicon planet to become a free mercenary, and immerse ourselves in the first game of the Armored Core VI chapter. In this article, we will share all the details of our five-hour gameplay experience.

The key Lies in Continuous Self-assembly

As soon as you enter Armored Core VI, players will begin by entering the “Armoury”, where they will spend a considerable amount of time building and assembling their own Armored Core (AC). To become a freelance mercenary, players must master the ability to repair and construct their ACs. Unlike other games from FromSoftware, the gameplay loop of Armored Core VI mainly involves completing various tasks, such as defeating a mysterious organization consisting of ACs wearing invisible masks, fighting against an entire army, or engaging in duels with super giant robots. Since the objectives of the game’s missions are constantly changing, it’s essential to take advantage of all AC customization possibilities to overcome challenges and survive.

Various options for building the robot of your dreams (or nightmares): Armored Core VI offers various options for you to completely assemble your AC and swap out its body parts, core, weapons, boosters, defense mechanisms, and weight class. This continuous self-assembly of ACs enhances the possibility of survival. For instance, you may need to move faster to complete a mission, in which case, you can equip your robot with Schnieder leg parts that allow high jumping and high-speed capabilities. Alternatively, if you find yourself in a situation full of enemies, you can provide your robot with Caterpillar tank leg parts to support heavy weapons and armor, allowing you to continue fighting. With Armored Core VI, you can use any necessary parts to complete your mission without losing the aesthetic display.

Armored Core VI ingame

Players have the ability to shape their robot with style in the Armored Core VI series: Players can shape their robot with style in the Armored Core VI series. They can assemble and perfect their AC’s abilities while modifying its visuals to their liking. Previously, players could change the parts and color of an AC unit, but now they can also change its status and texture. This means that players can make their robot look brand new as if it came straight off the production line, or give it a rusty, antique appearance as if it were found in a long-abandoned factory.

OS Upgrade: This is a new assembly option not previously available in the Armored Core VI series that provides additional tweaks to AC and changes the way players feel about piloting a robot. For instance, certain upgrades enable the robot to turn around faster, use interchangeable hand weapons without adding large shoulder extra parts, or add extra armor for the new Assault Boost strategy. Each OS upgrade can completely turn the tide of battle, especially against powerful opponents. For example, it allows the user to quickly convert a machine gun into a heavy rocket launcher when needed, thus defeating enemies in a more effective way.

Armored Core VI figure

For veteran fans: One of the OS upgrades that may catch players’ attention is Manual Targeting, which can restore the robot to the classic aiming state of the early Armored Core VIseries without auto-targeting assistance. You can’t miss this OS upgrade if you want to relive old challenges.

Endless weapons: Players now have access to a wider range of weapons that offer more diverse self-assembly options. The endless combinations of weapons available can completely change the gameplay experience. Each weapon has a unique operating experience, and the game encourages players to find the weapon that best suits their playstyle to help them overcome the many threats in the mission.

For example, if a player needs to bypass an enemy’s shield, they might want to use a weapon that fires upwards and strikes behind the enemy in an arc. Alternatively, they could use an energy sword that can knock down enemy shields with one strike. There are numerous weapon load-outs available to suit every situation, so it is up to the player to decide how they want to equip their AC during a mission.

The Ordnance Station allows players to assemble their robots during missions: Armored Core VI emphasizes the importance of continuously adjusting configurations to different situations, but sometimes, mission requirements change unexpectedly. Fortunately, some areas have Ordnance Stations allowing players to reassemble their AC before heading to the next area.

For example, you might need to fight against multiple high-speed enemies at the beginning of a mission, but the boss at the end of the task may require more powerful firepower to defeat. Armored Core VI allows players to switch to different equipment styles to overcome challenges in such critical moments.

Armored Core VI

A Vast Heavy Metal Adventure

In addition to its customizable assembly features, Armored Core VI contains innovative gameplay mechanics, such as unique movement options and mission maps that will keep players engaged.

The Importance of Mastering Movement: The biggest difference between Dark Souls III and Elden Ring is that Armored Core VI emphasizes vertical and horizontal gameplay and movement. While “Souls” games are usually played on the ground, players in Armored Core VI must learn to fly into the sky and explore all accessible locations to complete tasks. Players who continue to fight solely on the ground, as they may have in Elden Ring’s Lands Between, will quickly find themselves at a disadvantage.


Plenty of Tasks for Players to Conquer: There are plenty of tasks for players to conquer in Armored Core VI. FromSoftware has packed a wide variety of missions into the game, each one with a unique challenge. Some missions involve going head-to-head with another AC pilot in an arena, while others require players to destroy power plants while dealing with attacks from entire armies. Regardless of the task, players must remain adaptable to their enemies and environment to succeed.  

Huge and Constantly Changing Battlefield: Each mission has a vast and different map for players to explore and conquer. The meticulously designed scenes in the game create an unforgettable gaming experience for players, and players can play with varying play styles every time. Players can go all-out, sneak around like a mechanical assassin, or move through the battlefield quickly without attacking anyone.

A Story-filled Adventure: Armored Core VI is an adventure that is filled with intriguing stories, thanks to FromSoftware’s meticulous narrative style. Every mission begins with a briefing from the commander to the player, sometimes introducing entirely new forces or characters vying for Rubicon. As the mission progresses, the game unveils new characters and other small story elements, further expanding the small but closely connected storyline.

fighter plane

This shapes the player’s comprehensive understanding of the game world. The choices made by the player also have an impact on the storyline. In one of the missions we played, we intended to become a ruthless mercenary by killing enemy rebels or ignoring them and focusing on destroying the power supply. Regardless of the player’s choice, they will experience game content full of personality.

Rich Gameplay Modes and High Replayability: Armored Core VI also has various game modes, such as Arena, where players will compete in a life-or-death duel with another AC pilot to improve their ranking. Besides the main missions, these modes allow players to challenge themselves in new styles, choose different story routes, or save money to purchase fresh legs from the Component store.