It has been over two weeks since the start of the World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery and many players have already reached the highest level of 25. However, some players may feel confused about how to upgrade their equipment by joining a raid. They may lack gold or have an unpopular profession, or they may be unable to join the raid for other reasons, which can significantly impact their enthusiasm.


If you have recently reached level 25 and are facing similar issues, please don’t worry. Completing these three tasks will not only allow you to obtain better equipment but also give you considerable gold in the game’s early stages.


#1. Continue to Complete Various Game Tasks

Different from the WOW EU Hardcore, the level limit of the first stage of the Season of Discovery is 25. Once you reach level 25, the experience value will be locked, and the experience points you get by completing missions will be converted into gold, allowing players to obtain gold coins in the early stages of the game, making it more convenient for them to progress.


We know that obtaining gold coins during the first 25 levels of upgrading can be challenging, and even skills need to be learned selectively during this time. However, after level 25, completing certain tasks, such as those found in Night Town, can yield significant gold coins. Even completing only a few tasks can result in dozens of gold coins, which may not seem like much but is currently a considerable wealth. Additionally, there are tasks available in other areas as well.

Don’t forget that you can obtain blue and green equipment as you complete tasks, and some of them have great attributes. For example, by completing the task in Night Town, you can get the Spark Iron Cap Mail Helmet, which has better strength attributes than the blue equipment dropped from the raid.


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#2. Learn Professional Skills

Although professions are capped at 150 skills in the first Season of Discovery phase, there are two advantages to learning a professional now: saving money and supplementing one’s majors.


It is recommended to learn tailoring for cloth armor, leatherworking for leather and mail armor, and blacksmithing for plate armor.

Currently, the cost of acquiring professional skills is relatively low. One can also sell the equipment they make directly to minimize expenses. For example, by learning blacksmithing and engineering, you can create not only green equipment but also upgrade it to blue equipment, such as the silver scale breastplate. This equipment is relatively cheap, costing less than 10 gold, and can be further upgraded to purple equipment later.

#3. Join Battle for Ashenvale PvP Event

Players can increase their reputation by participating in the Battle of Ashenvale. They can also earn honor points by defeating characters from the opposing camp. The benefits of the Battle of Ashenvale have recently been adjusted twice, resulting in increased participant rewards.

Originally, players could earn 100 reputation points for killing the small BOSS and 500 reputation points for killing the big BOSS. However, after a modification, many players did not receive any reputation at all.


After the second change, the reputation of the mini-BOSS has been increased to 200 points, and all players participating in the battle can receive rewards. After winning, they can also receive an additional 200 reputation points. Moreover, you’ll gain an extra 100 reputation points for every NPC that survives on your side. Therefore, in other words, the Battle of Ashvale currently offers an incredibly efficient way to gain a reputation.

The Battle of Ashenvale is associated with the reputation of Warsong. As players’ reputations increase, they become eligible to buy blue equipment from NPCs. Players can instantly obtain equipment corresponding to their level once the level limit is increased in subsequent stages.

In the Battle of Ashenvale, defeating opponents’ players can earn you honor points that increase your PVP level. At level 2, you can acquire blue jewelry, and at level 3, you can obtain a cloak with all attributes.


By completing all the tasks mentioned above, I believe you can bring your equipment level close to or reach level 24. If you check the top equipment level rankings in WCL, you will notice that the players with purple weapons only have an equipment level of around 25.

However, it is important to perform these tasks properly to get enough gold coins and equipment. Once you have them, you can choose to play a raid or wait for the upcoming content. The decision is all yours.