At BlizzCon 2023, it was announced that a new classic server named “World of Warcraft Classic PLUS” will be introduced. The server is officially called WoW Classic Season of Discovery. It is expected to allow players to explore the game by subverting current gameplay and Warcraft modes. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.


Wow Classic Season of Discovery Launch Date

Blizzard’s “World of Warcraft Classic Plus” is a unique release that differs from the long wait times after the past expansion packs. This version is already completed and produced, and currently, Blizzard has launched it online on November 30. Unlike previous releases, there is no need for PTR testing, as players can start playing directly upon release.


The current level cap for WoW Classic: Season of Discovery is level 25.

The Season of Discovery begins with one initial maximum level of 25. The level limit in the Classic version of World of Warcraft has surprised some veteran players. According to Blizzard, during testing a few years ago, limiting the level cap to a lower level led to more creativity among players. They will rack their brains to optimize their characters to the fullest, which is often beyond the expectations of the designers.

Of course, a lower level means that the threshold for entry into the game is significantly lowered, making it easier for players who have never played World of Warcraft before to fall into the game. Even if you start a few days later than others, you can easily catch up with others. However, the upper limit of the level will gradually increase over time. In other words, this season, players and the server will slowly grow together. As they progress, they’ll encounter more challenging dungeons and storylines.

Team Dungeons

Warcraft’s most iconic 40-player group has always been a significant challenge to its development. After all, finding 39 like-minded gaming partners in today’s era is extremely difficult. The Plus version now allows teams to consist of ten members only. This makes it easier to form groups since you only need three to five friends to start with. If you need more players, you can recruit additional members to join your team, which reduces the difficulty of grouping.

Remember the Dark Abyss dungeon with the 3-day CD and newly dropped equipment? Many gamers may have had the same experience with the 5-player version. The dungeon has been completely renovated by Blizzard, and it will be the first team dungeon to open following the Season of Discovery. The original BOSS system has been modified, and new BOSSES and awards have been added.

Subsequent raids will still be familiar dungeons with modifications, such as Gnomeregan, Scarlet Monastery, Karazhan, etc.


New Rune Engraving System to Explore Different Classes Possibilities

Rune Engraving is a character customization system introduced in Season of Discovery to add new skill abilities to equipment. Blizzard has announced that there will be 100 runes in the first phase of Season of Discovery and gave us a preview of 3 of them for each class! Just like enchantments, players can switch runes at any time, allowing for many magical combinations. This new system may even lead to unconventional class builds such as healer tanks, rogue tanks, and melee hunters. As players level up, more runes will be unlocked, greatly improving the flexibility of each class and offering a variety of skillset combinations.




















New PVP Event – Ashenvale

Warcraft players describe Ashenvale as beautiful and peaceful, where they can relax even if they don’t do anything. In the upcoming Season of Discovery, Ashenvale will transform into a new PVP area. The gameplay is similar to Okuyama, where you can weaken the enemy’s strength by killing NPCs in their camp and ultimately emerge victorious. Additionally, during this season, mounts can be used in Ashen Valley.

Moreover, there are various new features that were not previously available in the Level 60 in Classic. For players, this could be a fresh experience in the World of Warcraft, and let’s explore it together.