Throne and Liberty is one of the most anticipated large-scale MMORPG games at the end of 2023. It is a free-to-play MMORPG set in the vast world of Solisium, which features a dynamic environment, Massive Scale PvPvE, and the ability to transform into creatures to battle across land, sea, and air. The game occurs in a medieval setting where players can choose their weapons, professions, and outfits. They can embark on adventures, fight monsters, and complete various quests.

Throne and Liberty

Throne and Liberty is a Game with Rich Content.

Dynamic Event

Dynamic Events in Throne and Liberty is an open-air hunting competition in which players need to collect event items within a limited time to compete for ranking. Each area has unique tactical elements that allow for quick collection of items, which can have dramatic and unpredictable results.

Taedal’s Tower

Similar to tower climbing in other games, Taedal’s Tower is a multi-floored tower content for one player, and each level has unique bosses with different characteristics to defeat. To defeat them quickly, you must master the controls and swiftly identify their weaknesses. As you progress to higher levels, you will face more powerful challenges pushing you to your limits.

Boss Raid

In gaming, powerful bosses appear periodically, and players can obtain valuable rewards by defeating them. To accomplish this, players must cooperate and compete in teams or guilds. Some of these bosses are extremely powerful and might require dozens or hundreds of players to work together across the entire server.


Dimensional Circle of Paula

It is a dungeon challenge with a team of 6 players. Like dungeons in other games, this requires mastering game skills and working together closely. 

Conquest Battle

Conquest Battle Competitive content for guilds to conquer Boonstone and Riftstones. For a successful conquest, you require a complex strategy that considers the geographic traits of each region and the world’s environment. Successful guilds can raise their guild flag on the world map and obtain special buffs.

Siege Warfare

To win in Siege Warfare, you have to deploy all of your guild’s strategy and tactics.Various creative tactics are possible such as infiltrating a castle with Gigantrite, or transforming into a Siege Golem to carry the Guild members over the castle walls.


Throne and Liberty Features a Variety of Different Weapons 

You can combine your weapons to form your fighting style. The weapon combination system lets you freely switch between two weapons during battle. Regardless of your character’s attributes, you can choose and combine weapons to create your unique fighting style based on your tactics and style.


The Greatsword is a well-balanced weapon that combines devastating combo attacks with high health. With earth-shattering range attacks, it instantly breaks through enemy defenses and shakes the battlefield. 



The Sword is a weapon that maintains high defense and combines with a shield to provide strong survivability. Like a tank, it can draw enemies towards you or knock them down, which protect your allies and allowing you to play a vanguard role on the battlefield. 



The Dagger is a weapon that uses poisonous CC attacks and stealth to damage enemies. You can hide behind enemies and inflict toxic damage over time and deadly attacks with agility.


Longbow is good at long-range sniping, restraining enemies, and causing amplified damage. At the same time, it can also speed up the recovery of teammates, which is an asset to the team. 


The crossbow gives you fast movement speed and attack speed. It can launch a ruthless attack on your enemies, knocking them down instantly. 


The staff is a weapon that allows you to control the elements freely. Employ explosive magic attacks to cause devastating damage to enemies. You can also use AOE magic to control the battle when facing multiple enemies. 


The wand can heal and boost allies while weakening enemies. It’s highly effective in both boss and team battles. 



Early Upgrade Suggestions for Throne and Liberty

Purple and Blue Quests

Upon entering the game, there will be a beginner’s guide that will assist you in getting started. After the guide, you will be taken to the beginner’s area. In the beginner’s area, you will notice quests with purple icons, which are the main quests. As with most games, the main quests have a very high experience value and are necessary to complete to advance the game’s plot. 

In addition to the purple quests, there are also blue quests that you need to complete. These quests will reward you with skill upgrade books, significantly improving your character. Blue quests are trigger quests automatically triggered when you open the corresponding map.

Later, you will have a chance to obtain a transformation card, which allows you to transform into an animal and utilize its abilities. It is also a significant feature of the game.  

“J” key can view all your tasks and progress. 


Taedal’s Tower

When you reach level 17, you can challenge Taedal’s Tower for generous rewards. But it’s not easy, so you need to concentrate. 

Abyss Map

When you enter the abyss map, the monsters inside can drop abyss stones useful for obtaining essential equipment. However, the abyss map is challenging and has many mini-bosses, so it is best to go in a team if possible. 

Commissioned Task

Open the game map and locate the paper icon to view the commissioned task. Tasks are available at varying levels, and completing them will reward you with experience points.


Throne and Liberty have begun public beta testing in South Korea, and will be distributed by Amazon Games in Europe and the United States. You can also find more upcoming information about the game on its official website. It won’t be long before the game is launched, so prepare to leave Whisp Island, become stronger, and save and liberate Solisium.