The WoW Season of Discovery has gained a lot of popularity lately. If you’re interested in the game but haven’t started playing yet, you might wonder which class to choose. Let’s take a look at the recent PVE rankings of classes in the World of Warcraft Season of Discovery, which may be able to provide you with some help.


However, it should be noted that this ranking is limited to level 25 in the Phase 1. The evaluation is based on multiple criteria such as single target damage, AOE damage, group dungeon healing, damage absorption, and damage mitigation as raid base buffs and debuffs to enemies, ensuring the ranking is scientific and accurate.

Besides, it is also important to mention that this ranking list and the evaluation of classes are subjective and may not align with every player’s opinion.

Season of Discovery Tank Tier List Rankings – Phase 1

S-Tier: Warrior Tank

As a tank, Warrior Tank has always been a priority in the World of Warcraft classic. The Warrior can block using the shield, which is unique in the current Season of Discovery. At the same time, due to the shield’s existence, the Warrior tank’s defensive power is significantly better than that of other tanks.

In addition, Warriors have many debuffs that weaken the target’s armor and reduce the target’s attack power. Also, the damage dealt to a single target by Anti-War is the highest among tanks, which means more stable threat and higher DPS. These make Defense War the best tank in the first phase of the Season of Discovery.


S-Tier: Shaman Tank  

The Shaman Tank has many advantages that are similar to the Warrior Tank. Just like the Warrior, the Shaman also uses a shield, has the best single-target threat, and can deal much AOE damage with Molten Blast, making it the highest AOE damage of all tanks.

The big reason why the Shaman Tank becomes S-Tier is because of its stable hatred. However, the disadvantage is that his interruption skills and those that cause extra threat are the same. This makes the Shaman Tank possibly lack interruption skills, but in comparison, these are minor issues as the Shaman Tank provides relatively stable threat.

A-Tier: Paladin Tank

The Paladin is an absolute tank with the taunting skill of Hand of Reckoning. However, compared to the Shaman and Warrior Tanks, the Paladin Tank falls slightly behind in dealing damage to a single target. Although the Paladin Tank performs well regarding AOE threat, it is less effective than the Shaman.

Moreover, the new rune position slot prevents the Paladin Tank from having both high damage and high resistance at the same time, making it difficult to balance both. Some players use two-handed weapons to increase damage, but it comes at the cost of reducing their resistance. Thus, the Paladin Tank is weaker than the Shaman and Warrior Tank when balancing damage and tankiness.

A-Tier: Warlock Tank

The Warlock Tank is one of the three new tank classes in the Season of Discovery and one of the most challenging ones to unlock. As Warlocks receive their runes quite late, there is insufficient data on what makes this class a good tank. Unlike Warriors or Rogues, the Warlock Tank doesn’t excel in single-target damage or deal as much AOE damage as a Shaman. However, the Warlock Tank’s defensive skills are incredibly strong, with an ultra-low cooldown time, dodge, and increased damage output. This is why the Warlock Tank is placed at A-Tier in the rankings.

B-Tier: Druid Tank & Rogue Tank

The Druid and Rogue tanks are excellent options with exciting features and good playability. However, in terms of stability and advantages, they fall behind the other tanks in this version, and therefore, they can only be ranked last among the tanks.


Season of Discovery Healer Tier List Rankings – Phase 1

S-Tier: Priest Healer  

Priests are considered to be the best healers, without any doubt. They possess the power to heal their teammates and teams, along with providing buffs and other functions. Their auxiliary data is superior to other forms of treatment. Additionally, priests can adjust their runes to various combat areas and situations, further solidifying their position as the best healers.

A-Tier: Mage Healer  

A new class called the Mage Healer has been introduced in the Season of Discovery. This class has left many players feeling uncertain. The Mage Healer’s abilities are similar to those of the Discipline Priest, meaning their new rune skills work similarly. In team dungeons, the Mage Healer plays a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of their teammates. They can heal their teammates, supplement DPS, and increase the team’s speed. Combining their healing abilities with damage output makes the Mage Healer an essential member of any successful team.


A-Tier: Druid Healer  

The Druid Healer is a highly effective treatment option for group-based gameplay and is particularly helpful during BOSS battles when the pressure of team treatment is high. In most teams, during Phase 1 of the Discovery Season, it’s common to choose 1 Priest and 1 Mage or Druid. Additionally, with new runes, the Druid Healer can slightly increase DPS, further increasing their contribution to the team.

B-Tier: Paladin Healer & Shaman Healer 

During the first phase of the season of discovery, the Paladin’s Beacon of Light is not as powerful as in other versions of World of Warcraft, especially at level 25. Meanwhile, shaman healers face difficulties since their most important spell, Chain Heal, which is crucial for their healing abilities, requires level 40. Therefore, they must wait until they reach that level to be fully effective. For now, Paladins and Shamans are ranked last in healing, but their performance may improve.


Season of Discovery DPS Tier List Rankings – Phase 1

S-Tier: Feral Druid DPS  

The Feral Druid class has proven to be a force to be reckoned with, with some even rating it higher than the S-Tier. Many players may not have expected this, but Feral Druids are now considered one of the most crucial classes in the first stage of the season of discovery.

One of the reasons for this is that Feral Druids have impressive DPS on par with warriors, thieves, and hunters. They can cause continuous bleeding damage to their enemies. Additionally, Feral Druids have two skills – Mark of the Wild and Rebirth – that provide significant buffs to the team. These powerful raid buffs, practicality, and exceptional damage output make Feral Druids undoubtedly the strongest DPS in Phase 1.


S-Tier: Hunter 

Hunters may find the first phase of the Season of Discovery interesting, especially considering the multiple skill nerfs they have experienced. Hunters are still one of the top damage dealers on the team, and the availability of epic-quality crossbows makes them even more powerful. Additionally, their pets’ taunting skills can be helpful in certain situations. No matter what happens next, it is evident that Hunters are currently in one of the best stages of the World of Warcraft Classic. If you are a fan of Hunters, then you should definitely not miss this stage.

STier: Warrior DPS

Warriors are known for their high damage output in phase 1 of Season of Discovery. At level 25, adding new runes can give warriors a significant advantage. However, despite their high damage, warriors rely on the BUFF blessings of other classes, such as Feral Druids, Hunters, and Priests. In a team, warriors have excellent single-target damage output, which is crucial in BOSS battles.

STier: Rogue DPS

Like the Warrior, the Rogue needs teammates’ support to shine in terms of damage output. However, in certain situations, Rogues may have an advantage. For example, in the Blackfathom Deeps, Rogues can significantly damage many bosses thanks to their skills that inflict bleeding and deadly poison. The poison completely ignores armor. Rogues have the highest damage output in many BOSS battles, allowing them to surpass warriors for a time.

A-Tier: Paladin DPS

With the Crusader Strike and Divine Storm runes, coupled with Blessing of Kings and the buff from a Feral Druid, Paladins have a very high damage output and are one of the stronger DPS classes. However, due to previous nerfs, the Paladin is no longer considered S-Tier, but if you enjoy playing this class, it is still a great choice.

A-Tier: Warlock DPS 

Similar to the Paladin’s DPS, the Warlock’s spell rotation has also been modified. Although the damage of Warlocks is not the highest, they provide a large number of practical skills to the team, such as Soul Stone and Healing Stone, which are essential for team members. In most cases, Warlock is the preferred DPS for most teams at this stage.

B-Tier: Enhancement Shaman DPS & Mage DPS

Upon reaching level 25, players who choose to play as an Enhancement Shaman or a Mage may lack practical and powerful spells necessary for late-stage. Enhancement Shamans usually rank low in low damage output without sufficient team buffs, while Mages don’t even have a good spell rotation at this stage, which puts them in B-tier.

C-Tier: Priest DPS & Elemental Shaman & Balance Druid

At this stage, Priest DPS, Elemental Shaman, and Balance Druid have a low damage output due to the lack of powerful spell skills or talents. As a result, they are ranked last among the DPS classes. Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid choosing them when selecting a DPS class is advisable.


I hope this PVE class ranking will help you choose your class. When you’re ready, let’s embark on a new challenge in the legendary world of Azeroth!