Palworld is definitely a game you can’t miss. Surprisingly, Palworld has sold over one million copies just eight hours after launch. Within the first 24 hours, the sales exceeded 2 million copies, and 7 million copies were sold within five days. At its peak, the number of players active on Steam reached 2.01 million, which is second only to “PUBG: Battlegrounds” with 3.25 million active players.

Palworld combines elements from beloved games like Pokémon and ARK to an exciting and engaging gaming experience with deep gameplay mechanics. Pals in the game have diverse personalities, which add to the fun of every hunt and battle. To start the game, what should we pay attention to in the early stage?

1. Gather Materials

You need to gather enough materials to craft the items you need to survive. Walk around and get various materials. For example, you can obtain wood from multiple trees. Don’t forget to unlock fast travel during this process. At the same time, you will also gain a technology point, and then you can build a workbench for processing various materials, which you can dismantle and retrieve the materials at any time.


2. Unlock Technology

As the game continues, you will earn Technology points that can be used to unlock recipes for items and buildings. You can obtain these points by leveling up or unlocking fast travel.

The first unlocked technologies with Technology points are:


3. Capture Pals

Once you have unlocked the ability to craft Pal Spheres, you can use them to capture Pals. Crafting a Pal Sphere requires three pieces of wood, three stones, and one Paldium Fragment. These materials can be obtained by mining and gathering resources. Of course, if you are lucky, you can also get Pal Sphere from treasure chests around the world.    

In the initial area, there is a highly recommended Pal named Cattiva. Cattiva is very useful as it can assist you in carrying supplies, building, crafting, and transporting items in the base. It can also help you harvest crops and start ores. However, it is important to note that Cattiva will run away when approaching it. To catch it, you need to corner it, weaken it with attacks, and then use a Pal Sphere to try to capture it.


4. Build Your Base

Palbox is an essential item required for building a base, and it can be crafted using Paldium fragments, wood, and stone. The base is also equivalent to a teleport point, and it is recommended to choose a flat, resource-rich, and easily defended location to ensure a stable network to build a strong base successfully. However, if you’re just starting, don’t worry too much about it because you can unlock the ability to build multiple bases later. During the process of building a base, you can also let your Pals help you work.


5. Make More Tools to Collect Resources

Once you have determined the location of your base, you will have plenty of materials to build your house, campfires, storage boxes, and other necessary items. Then, it would be best to have better tools to collect resources, which would be much faster than using your bare hands or stones. By using a stone axe, you can collect wood and fiber more efficiently when chopping down trees. Once you have acquired enough wood, you can craft a stone pickaxe for mining.

Please remember that carrying too many resources can slow you down on the road. Therefore, it is advisable to create wooden crates to store your stuff to avoid being overweight and make transporting Pals easier.


6. Collect Food

Just like in real life, your life and activities in the game consume energy, and your satiety will decrease. Then, it would be best if you ate to restore your satiety. Or you can find berries in bushes or get them from monsters you defeat. However, it should be noted that food has a shelf life and will disappear after it goes bad. To prevent this, you can store food in the refrigerator.

Your Pals also have a satiety level. They also need to replenish energy while working for the base. You can unlock and create feed boxes and put food in them. Pals can eat automatically when they are hungry.


7. Things You Can Do at Night

You need a place to stay warm at night. You can set up a campfire to keep warm and cook food to restore satiety.

You need to unlock the cloth-making skill to make cloth clothing in the game. You can obtain wool by knocking down Lamballs. This wool can be used to create cloth clothing, which will help you stay warm during cold nights. Then you can bring a torch (which costs two pieces of wood and stone to make) to hunt and capture the Pals that only appear at night.

To spend the night comfortably, you must build a building with a roof and unlock the bed-making skill to make a bed. Additionally, it’s important to unlock the Straw Pal Bed and build it so the Pals in the base can rest and recover at night.


After finishing the above mentioned things, you’ll officially enter the Palworld. Are you ready to relax and enjoy the company of the magical creature Pals, or do you want to engage in a dangerous battle against poachers?