As we progress through the game, leveling up becomes more challenging as it requires significant experience points, time, and effort. However, some daily tasks in Trove can help us gain considerable experience quickly. In this article, I will share three daily tasks you shouldn’t miss if you want to level up faster.

Go to Geode-Sanctuary. On the bottom level, there are three tasks to choose from (you can only accept one task at a time)


1 Collect Organics from geode caves (Rating: 4 stars)


Requires Vaca-matic, crafted in Module Workbench, then upgraded in Module Forge.

Normally, if you have advanced Vaca-matic, you can choose this task, randomly enter a portal (Sunken Sunvalt, Verdant Veins, Moonglow Grotto), and use Vaca-matic to absorb 75 plants. After completing the task, exit the cave and accept the mission again. Please note that this task can only be completed up to 5 times a day.


2 Care for Cave Critters (Rating: 5 stars)

Need to get Crutter Treats, Curing Kit, Comfort Blanket (can be purchased at the auction house).

Once you have these items, venture into one of the portals at random – Sunken Sunvalt, Verdant Veins, or Moonglow Grotto – and go through the cave to rescue 15 small pets. Each item you’ve obtained corresponds to a different need that the pets may have. After completing the task, exit the cave and accept the task again. (Please note that you can only repeat this task up to 5 times daily.)


3.Find Builder’s Crates in the Caves (Rating: 3 stars)


Requires Omni-Tool

To complete the mission, venture into the caves – Sunken Sunvalt, Verdant Veins, and Moonglow Grotto – and search for special ores to dig them. After mining, you’ll receive the ore treasure chests. You’ll need to acquire three treasure chests but be aware that the special ores are scarce, so the recommendation index is only three stars.

To maximize your experience gains, using other experience-enhancing items is highly recommended before completing the mission. This will make the increase in experience more noticeable.