Dragonriding is one of the new systems coming in WOW Dragonflight, a new flying system that allows you to fly much faster than usual. While the game has a tutorial for players to learn how to Dragonride for the first time, you may still have some questions about how the system works. Let’s dive into the lore of Dragonriding so you can better understand the skill and become a better rider!

Dragonriding Basics

First, here are some basics you need to know about Dragonriding. Most of these basic concepts are covered in the game when you learn Dragonriding.

1 You can get into the air from the ground at any point by double pressing your jump button – This will count as a Skyward Ascent usage, using 1 Vigor and propelling you forward in the air.

2 When riding a Dragonriding mount and falling from a high location, it will automatically extend its wings and propel you forward to prevent fall damage.

3 The physics of Dragonriding: you will gain more speed when propelling yourself downwards and lose speed when moving upwards. Using Vigor abilities will help you gain momentum.

4 Propelling yourself downwards to gain speed and then upward maintains more momentum, keeping yourself in the air longer.

5 If you stay in the air for too long without attempting to gain momentum, your mount will lose speed and eventually run out of steam. At this time, your mount will slowly land on the ground. Therefore, trying to AFK in the air while Dragonriding won’t work.


Dragonriding Abilities

When Dragonriding, your default ability bar will be replaced by a new ability bar containing your Dragonriding abilities (for players familiar with abilities that change your default bar, such as Mind Control, it uses the Possession Bar). As you level up in the Dragon Isles, you will learn four different Dragonriding abilities. These abilities use Vigor and can help you fly faster and stay in the air longer.


Dragonriding Vigor

Vitality is required to use Dragonriding Abilities, a new resource bar that appears at the bottom of the screen whenever you mount a Dragonriding mount. Here is some information about the Vigor system:

1 All players start with a maximum of 3 Vigor. With the Dragonriding talents, you can increase your maximum amount of Vigor to 6.

2 When on the ground, even if you are mounted on a Dragonriding mount, you generate 1 Vigor every 30 seconds. With the dragonriding talents, you can also speed up your Vigor regeneration.

3 When you fly with your Dragonriding mount, you don’t regenerate Vigor unless… 

4 When dragonriding at high speeds, you will start emitting blue particle effects demonstrating how fast you’re going, and gain the Thrill of the Skies effect, which grants you 1 Vigor every 15 seconds while maintaining high speed. You will lose this effect once you lose enough momentum. With Dragonriding talents, you are able to speed up your Vigor regeneration when under the effects of Thrill of the Skies.

5 In addition, if you have the Dragonriding talent of Ground Skimming, you can gain 1 Vigor every 30 seconds while gliding on the ground.


Dragonriding Flying Speed

When you’re flying with Dragonriding, you can tell how fast you are flying by watching the speed particles around you and the dragon. Although the Dragonriding maximum speed can reach 830%, it is actually very difficult to maintain the maximum speed for a long time, but even the medium speed is far faster than the flight speed of ordinary mounts.

1 No Particles are the slowest flying speed; without particles, you are losing momentum. Usually, if you fly downward at this point, you can regain speed.

2 The wind effect (white particles) is a medium flight speed, a little faster than the epic flight speed. If you fly downward a bit with white particles around you, you’ll gain speed.


3 When you gain the Thrill of the Skies effect, the blue particles around it mean the flying speed is faster. Typically, you can reach the blue particle stage by using the Dragonriding ability (Surge Forward), but you can also gain enough momentum by flying yourself downwards to achieve this effect. This is a great mode when covering long distances. It’s worth mentioning that talents can be used to increase your Vigor generation, allowing you to maintain this speed mode for longer.

4 There is also an additional speed increase during the blue particle effect as your camera starts to zoom away from your character. This will get you close to your maximum Dragonriding speed, making it difficult to maintain this mode for long periods of time, usually only achievable during a Dragonriding race or when depleting your entire Vigor bar at once.

Winds of the Isles and Wind Gales

In some locations of the Dragon Islands, especially at higher elevations, you might come across an upwards wind gale. These are called Winds of the Isles, and Dragonriding through them will give you upward strength, allowing you to gain speed.



Upgrading Your Dragon

Dragonriding Talents

The most basic Dragonriding usually involves a lack of Vigor that prevents you from staying in the air for very long. To solve this incomplete Dragonriding experience, you need to learn Dragonriding Talents, which improve Vigor regeneration and useful buffs while Dragonriding!

Dragon Glyphs

In order to learn Dragonriding talents, you must earn Dragon Glyphs. There are 48 Dragon Glyphs scattered around the Dragon Isles, and you must collect them by flying to their locations and passing through them to earn talent points for Dragonriding talents. Some of them are pretty well hidden or require a skillful amount of climbing with Dragonriding to get!

Motion Sickness Options

Due to the way Dragonriding works, some players may experience some degree of discomfort due to the perceived amount of camera movement. While there are currently no options to make camera movement static when flying, there are some options to help with motion sickness in general, with things such as forcing your character to be centered on your screen while Dragonriding and reducing Camera motion.

You can find these options under Accessibility > General, or simply type out “Motion Sickness” on the Options search menu.


Useful Dragonriding Plugins

Below are some helpful plugins that can enhance your Dragonriding experience:

DragonRider by AzerPUG – Displays your Vigor bar on the screen even when not actively mounted on a Dragonriding mount.

HandyNotes Dragon Glyphs –This plugin marks the location of all Dragon Glyphs on the minimap and removes the glyph once acquired. However, please note that it requires the HandyNotes plugin to work.

Also, it is worth mentioning that after the Seeds of Renewal update on January 16, we can use the Dragonriding skills in any flying area in the old world. Perhaps this will bring us a different Azeroth.