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Warhammer: Warhammer tactic Guilds & Info

Now that Warhammer almost implies us, and lots of questions have been asked about Warhammer Online tactic guilds and information. If you are the same person plunged all your passion into the game as me, and you have a group of buddies who are eager to swap games and start up that same guild group in a new game, please continue reading.

Here are some basic information about Warhammer guilds and how they work. If you are familiar with guilds and fellowships from other games, you won't really be surprised in Warhammer.

You will need a full group of six unguilded members to travel with you to Inevitable City and visit the guild register where the group leader pays the "small" fee and creates the guild. The exact fee may change when the game goes live so look it up if you aren't sure you have enough.

Your Warhammer guild will level up and gain skills, abilities, and rewards. Your guild is leveled up as player member’s gain renewed points. At guild level 4, you can participate an alliance. As your guild levels, you will gain the chance to access to guild tactics, banners, and guild bank slots. Guild banners can be displayed on guild members' cloaks, or on keeps that are being defended.

The guild tab will provide lots of useful information about your guild. The Profile tab lists announcements, events and web page information. The Calendar page is also an excellent feature and allows events to be scheduled and shares with everyone online. No more relying on outside websites for event scheduling. The Roster lists your guild members levels, class, race, etc and even their location and last login. The Standard page is to edit and display the guild banner. The Rewards tab shows the guild's rank and progress, as well as rewards for achieving the next rank, and so on. At this time, the guild level is capped at level 40, just like player rank.

In totally, the Warhammer Online tactic guilds and information thought out well and very functional. As most online game companies, guilds will be a vital part of the gaming experience and it is obvious Mythic has put some serious thought in to the needs of guilds in their game design.