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- May 24, 2018


playable faction

Star Trek Online has officially put a launch date on its Deep Space Nine-based expansion, Victory is Life: June 5th, at least for PC.

playable faction

Meanwhile, as technically Star Trek Online is adding a new playable faction as part of the expansion, you should probably temper your expectations. You should temper them quite a lot. As players are discovering while they explore the test servers, there’s not a whole lot of original content for the Jem’Hadar faction.

In fact, there is only a single Jem’Hadar-specific mission before faction players will have to make a choice to join up with the Klingons or Federation and go through all of that content. It was also noted that the race itself has limited customization options, no racial hub, no female characters, and only one starship.

“I don’t mind that they’re a small f(r)action that start at 60, but the way they are implemented seems… lazy? Rushed? Bare minimum,” one poster said on Reddit. “The JH only have one unique mission (without intro movie) that ends up with them picking either the FED or the KDF as allies. Out of the blue, without reason.”

If players do want to secure a couple more options for their Jem’Hadar characters, they can go ahead and pre-order the Gamma Vanguard pack from the store. Cryptic’s sweetened up this packwith the addition of an EVA suit and three Jem’Hadar bridge officers.

Warhammer: Warhammer tactic Guilds & Info
- Jun 25, 2009
Now that warhammer almost implies us, and lots of questions have been asked about Warhammer Online tactic guilds and information. If you are the same person plunged all your passion into the game as me, and you have a group of buddies who are eager to swap games and start up that same guild group in a new game, please continue reading.
Warhammer: The Frigid Fields of High Pass [CRPD Wk 9]
- Apr 26, 2009
The quiet sway of the wind lifted strands of Domine’s twisted locks from her shoulders. The bitter cold threatened to return the blush of life to her deadened cheeks as she paused at the bottom of her short descent, a feathery trail betraying her passing.

Warhammer: Be careful when you petition a CSR, Abuse of Power
- Apr 04, 2009
A guildie recently petitioned the fact that when playerscleared crypts the other day the brothers' bodies despawned before they looted them. He got a typical unhelpful CSR that said tough luck.
Warhammer: Mythic tweaks Talisman Making, Scavenging, and Salvaging tradeskills
- Mar 16, 2009
Mythic did a fairly major overhaul on their crafting system with the 1.2 patch and introduced us to Apothecary and its two gathering skills in a feature earlier this week.
Warhammer: Gets an "official" free trial in NA, Europe, and Oceania
- Mar 09, 2009
Last week, we announced a free 10-day Warhammer Online trial through FilePlanet. This was a bit misheading because it wasn't technically "free" if you had to be a subscriber of FilePlanet. Two days later we announced Mythic and FilePlanet were extending the free trial offer to a limited number of non-subscribers as well.
Warhammer: Go Behind the Scenes with Warhammer!
- Feb 02, 2009
The WAR Community team is proud to bring you this IGN/Warhammer Vault exclusive behind the scenes tour of your own Mythic Entertainment. Join Jess and Andy as they take you around the studio to talk about all things WAR, including never before seen footage of one of the new upcoming careers: The Slayer!

Warhammer: Tier 4 Fortress Siege Changes
- Jan 12, 2009
The Warhammer Online team, in their continual attempts to find the perfect balance for their RvR environments, have made a few changes to Tier 4 Fortress Sieges.
Warhammer: A Look at PvE Dungeons
- Jan 05, 2009
Despite 2008 being "the year of Player vs Player", most gamers still derive a large portion of their in-game excitement from PvE dungeons, instances, and raids.

Warhammer: Keg End Holiday Festival
- Dec 15, 2008
The holidays were made for kegs and kabooms. The only issue I have with the Warhammer Online winter holiday festival is that it refers to the last of the beer which brings me sadness.