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Warhammer: CE head start to launch later with many extra servers

In just six hours (1pm ET) the first official retail servers for Warhammer Online will spring to life, starting the launch-life of players who pre-ordered the Collector's Edition of the game. That's a few hours later than was originally announced by the company, but there's good news to accompany the slight delay. Instead of the ten servers originally announced for the startup, there will be fifteen shards ready and waiting for new players.

Mythic CEO Mark Jacobs also says that the company is ready with additional servers onhand to roll out as the initial group hits capacity. In a post to the Vault Network boards, he goes into detail about what the company plans to do in order to ensure that the first public Warhammer servers don't melt under consumer interest. He lays out their 'step up' population plan, which you can read in detail in the post. We wish you the best of luck getting your preferred name, CE players!