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Warhammer: A Guide to Praag

After playing Warhammer Online for even a few weeks, it's difficult to avoid hearing a story of an epic battle in Praag. Known for it's urban warfare, large scale engagements, and occasional chaos this zone is one of most dangerous areas you'll find in the game. With the proper knowledge and experience however, this could become one of your favorite places to go for some Open RvR combat. Ten Ton Hammer braves the battlefield to provide objectives, tactics, and a number of helpful tips that will keep you alive and fighting. Kurlov's Armory - This Battlefield Objective is on the eastern side of north Praag. Approach can be made from the west directly or utilizing a break in the wall to the east against the river. Defensive positions on the upper walls of a burned out building to the south are also frequently utilized and an entrenched enemy can be hard to remove.