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The different Items of Trove !

Immerse yourself in a heroic fantasy universe with tasks to complete and dungeons to explore. You will search precious Items and treasures in order to build your own empire and make it prosper!

In Trove, you can play several characters at the same time, even if they come from different classes. You will have to evolve them and push their limits by improving their abilities and equipment

But for that you will need Items.

There are various types of items in Trove and like all games, the rarer and in high demand they are, the more expensive they are.

Sticky lchor,Bleached Bone,Robotic Salvage,Plasmium,Charged Circuit,Memory Matrix,Faerie Dust,Radiant Shard,Blank Scroll,Primordial Flame,Cinnabar,Golden Soul,Somber Soul,Nitro-Glitterine,Ancient Scale,Enchanted Scale,Mushroom Chunk,Wild Cupcake and many more items Trove , Mmosale manufacture for you.

Don't go through seemingly endless work to equip yourself, do it on our site

Choose a Trove craft trade from the list below and go to its dedicated page for details (description, quantities and price).

Our objets for Trove are delivered as soon as possible !

Established in 2004 and with great experience, Mmosale has been selling Golds of online games for over fifteen years, so you are guaranteed a unique professionalism on the web.

You will receive the TROVE item in less than 2 hours after confirming the payment.

Due to rare occasional supply problems, a very small percentage of purchases are delivered beyond 24 hours after ordering.

Objets for Trove the guarantee of a pro.

The Mmosale site is checked every day by “MacAfee SECURE” and is “SAVE SHOOPING” certified. You are therefore assured of a completely secure purchase of items for Trove .

Orders for items for Trove are processed in less than 15 minutes, every day of the year, 24 hours a day!

objets for Trove : Online help.

Do not hesitate to contact us about objets et flows pour Trove. We will respond to you immediately from our online livehelp and within 15 minutes via email.

Is it possible to cancel a Money order of objets for Trove ?

Completely! At Mmosale we believe that you have the full right to change your mind!

If the delivery of your items for Trove has not yet been completed, you will be refunded in full. If you have been partially delivered, Mmosale will refund you for undelivered items for Trove . You will not be charged any other fees.

Thanks to Trove you will develop your creativity!

To get a chance to make yourself at the top of the ranking, you will have to be patient to build, stone by stone, gigantic buildings. But these buildings are not only useful to make you foam, but also can help find a little respite between two missions, two farmings or crafting sessions or a purchase of Items for Trove on our Mmosale site.

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