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Tibia: The Completed Ultimate Druid Guide

I assume everyone can manage to get to at least lvl 27 easily so we shall start from there.

Light 8
Find person 8
Light healing 9
Antidote 10
Force strike (only if you have cash) 11
Intense healing 11
Energy Strike 12
Magic shield 14
Haste 14
Heal friend 18
Strong Haste 20
Great Fireball 23
Ultimate Healing Rune 25
Summon creature 25


These are all spells that a pretty much necessary to have as a druid at lvl 27. All others are either useless or not needed at the moment.

Now that your level 27 a world of hunting spots opens for you. (most spots can be used by sorcerers as well until lvl 36)

Hunting areas
Liberty bay rots - 3rd floor (common spot. Never fails to be profitable and good exp but boring)

Port hope crocodile spawn.

Basically poh, dara minos and rots, larvas maybe cyclopolis depending on your server. These places should prove to be profitable with no waste and not bad exp.

Hunting- level 27
As level 27 you have the ability to summon monks which can do most of the hunting for you.

Scarabs- any cave will do (using summons. Orc berserkers preferred because they are fast and resist poison.)

Including the dwarf guard spawn at the north part.(using 2 monks) Not much Gold here but it should only cost 5 manas or so to get started and the exp is good.

use 2 monks past the bridge into the lizard spawn where you will find lizard sentinels and templars. Here is profitable with no waste while using 2 monks. Collect steel helmets, chain armors, scale armors.

Edron orcs. (using 2 monks)
Orc fort. (using 2 monks)
Dwarf guards. (using 2 monks)
Tombs -2 floor (using 2 monks)
Mintwallen (using 2 monks)
Dark cathedral (using 2 monks)


These places and also be done using rod + vis if your swimming in cash but otherwise hunt with 2 monks and you will be sure to gain levels and come out with a lot of profit.

Hunting- level 36+

Now that your level 36 and equipped with the spell mass heal, many more spots open up to you.

Dragons can be done many ways. 2 demon skeletons at most spawns will work wonders. Just let them attack and you mass heal when needed. If you get full/high mana and ds dont need healing then use tempest rod and/or vis.

Apes- 2 ds at banuta will also work very well. Simply stay in the building area and lure merklins and sibangs into the walls so they dont run outside and trap them in a corner and kill. This tactic works well and apes drop a lot of gold and you waste nothing. Bring 2 gfbs and a few hmms just to get set up because 10 apes at once can be a hassle.

Stay at place - and lure them from other parts into here. Worked well with my druid

Lizards- This time inside the camp with 2 ds. Similar to apes, bring a few gfbs and hmms to get set up and remain in this area.

killing all types and saving loot. This place is also very profitable and little waste.

Dark cathedral -2 floor. This floor contains witches, dark monks etc. Bring a few gfb and summon 2 ds and kill all witches and dark monks. Witches are easy with ds and just mass heal when needed. You can easily get volcanic rods (2k at djinn) and life crystals (trade for life rings) as well as a pocket full of gold all on a bp of mana and 2 or 3 gfb runes.

You shouldnt waste anything at these places and come out with 10k profit if not more depending on how long you stay or luck.

These places can be hunted by druids lvl 36 to 60+

With the money from these hunts you can buy eq or manas and go;

Ancient scarabs (vis + rod)
Dragons (vis + rod)
Cyclopolis (vis + rod)
Tombs (vis + rod)


Many options open up as you continue to gain levels. Once around lvl 55-60 use the cash to go to these places. If you ever find yourself broke go hunt with ds for a lvl and come out with a lot of profit. Im sure even on the most power abused or populated servers you wont see many people hunting lizards or the second floor of dark cathedral so take advantage of that and gain some levels. The druid vocation isnt completely worthless.