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Tibia: The Most Useful Mage Guides (2)

Now, you should be able to kill all creatures down in this cave pretty easy with your new weapon, but I would not suggest to kill the only Poision Spider in the cave, cause it could give you heavy poision which is very annoying. Anyhow, now you should stay there until you'll become level 8, and then you will have a white font poping up with some instructions. Now it's time to chose vocation, which we unfortunely won't show you how to do in this guide, but I'm pretty sure that the instructions you'll have at the Island of Destiny will be enough! Keep in mind that if you're going to follow this guide you should chose either druid's seal or sorcerer's seal.

Well, you are able to chose which town you're about to visit first. Then if you're going to follow this guide, please go to Edron. This is where you should be put after the boat journey!

Now you should talk to Guide Jonathan, who's shown in the picture for some marks at your minimap, for some important p laces such as depot, temple and so on. Please follow the path and use the minimap to see where you are. Take a walk to depot, deposit your stuffs and so on. Now when you think you can make some hunting again, please take a walk to this place, it's located right south from the depot. You might see a part of the depot entrance at the picture.

Now, use the ladder to get down in the sewers. Just follow the path until you get up to the wildness at the other side of edron's part. You have to enter a couple of holes and rope yourself up from a couple of holes before you will be at the wildness, but you won't meet any difficult creatures. In fact only rats. Anyhow, when you're up in the wildness you have two choises, either Goblins or either Trolls. I would rather Trolls, but it won't matter. The troll cave is at north while the goblin cave is to the south. We will show you the first seen of both the trolls cave and the goblins cave.

Now when you know where the caves are and how you should do to get there, you may be free and walk around where ever you want to, but these caves will be your main hunting place until level 20. Keep in mind to buy new wand's or rod's by the time. You will need to buy new wands or rods twice while you're in this cave.

Now when you're level 20, we're going to visit a more warmer continent called Darama. Take the boat or the carpet to Darashia, and take a walk to the depot. When you're in depot you will have two directions to chose between, that will be north or west. I would prefer west, that's the largest cave. We're about to hunt Rotworms to level 30.

Just head west from the depot, just a few steps north and then just take a walk straight in the desert. You will find a hole in the desert after about a minute walk which you can dig up and begin your hunting at.

Stay down there until level 30, or at least be there while your hunting until level 30. And then you're experienced enough to hunt some better creatures. Then I suggest to walk to a tomb! We're going to offer you ruin tomb and tarpit tomb, these tombs would be great from level 30 to 40 or avarage 50. The following picture(s) is the ancient ruin tomb and tarpit tomb

Now, you are level 50. You should know a lot of Tibia now! You are able to make the Black Knight Quest now at level 50.
Keep in mind that Tibia's official fansites always be there for you if you need assistance to find places or maybe check a creatures specifications.