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Tibia: The Most Useful Mage Guide(1)

Tibians! Welcome to my mage guide, currently we're going to guide you up to level 50. and then I guess you should be on your own! As you might have realized we're only supporting premium players with this guide or shall I call it tutorial? Anyhow, a free account player may of course read it, but you will not be able to follow it as long as you're free account.
I guess we're start with the Rookgaard, alright?

You will be placed in Rookgaard to train your Tibian Experiences up to beat the real lands. Firstly you may just do the tutorial hints successfully as fast as possible. Then after you've been passing the bridge and been registered to the Rookgaard you should be heading at this road.

Therefore you should walk straight north to the Sheep spawn, just follow the path north and you'll find it. Raise you're power to kill them and pick their food, it's pretty important to pick the food, cause they will afford you some equipments in the futhurer steps of this guide

I would prefer you to collect about 10 to 20 meats which will give you between 20 and 40 gold pieces. Which probably would be enough to start with since we're going to do a quest which will cover the armor part. Anyhow, this path brings you to Willie, the meat merchant of the free account side of Rookgaard while his brother Billy is at the other side to serve the premium players of Rookgaard.

Now, when you sold your meat's and gained your gold pieces, we're about to make that quest I was talking about in the past guide step above the picture. The armor you're going to obtain is called Doublet, it's a very useless armor but it's at least something better than your Coat. I am not going to show pictures of the path way over to the quest, cause it's very simple, just follow the way north from the Sheep's Spawn, and then turn right. Then you will walk between two houses, one store and one random house, turn north there and you will be located here

Here you should be able to see these stuffs which I see, without all these random stuffs laying at the floor, anyhow. In the northern part of the picture there's a trapdoor, walk downstairs it. Warning! You will meet your first rat down there, if you followed the guide correctly, and they might hit you a bit, but don't worry, if you attack it straight after you came down it won't be any problem. Anyhow, there should be a loose board in that room, use the board and you will find the Doublet. The loose board is located exactly here

Now we're done with the free account side of the Rookgaard if you're not in any buissness with trade or anything but don't mind it. Please take the ladder upstairs again and get to the south exit of the house you're in. And then turn left and follow the path until you'll see a bridge across a river. This is where we should leave the free account side and start our adventure at the premium side

Also this is where you free account players won't be able to follow this guide anymore, unfortunely. Follow the path at the other side of the bridge until you will come to Lee'Delle's Shop. Enter the house and greet Lee'Delle. She will gladly offer you some of her equipments. Please follow her instructions to buy yourself some equipments, I would rather buying a pair of leather legs, wooden shield and a leather helmet to begin with. When you bought your items and you're good enough to fight nasty rats, you should use the stairs which is in the house to get downstairs. In the underground floor you will be able to see some counters and a sewer grate. Use the sewer grate to get down to a huge rat cave. Warning! Be careful, there's lots of more Rat's than the Doublet Quest Room. You may lose pretty much hitpoints down here, but you should always keep in mind to have at least yellow health. If you're getting under yellow to red, please wait your health until it's at the middle of yellow agian!

I would prefer to stay to Rats until level 5 or even 6. Then you should obtained lots of gold pieces. Open your trade channel and write "Buying mace", it's often between 35 to 60 gold pieces, depends world. When you bought a mace or a better weapon you should start your spider and bug hunting at the premium side. The cave of spiders and bugs can be found exactly here, just use the stairs to get into the cave. The mountain can be found exactly beside the bridge which hold the premium and free account side between eachother.