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Tibia: How to Becoming the best knight

How to become a good knight? This is a boring way but it will work, no more to say just read as follows:.

Lvl.1:Ok, First if you want a sword fighter farm the sewer of dead fresh rats don't kill rats just find dead ones do it about 10 times to get a and look for someone thats selling a carlin sword and then trade the 100 gold with themthen farm the sewer some more same way about 9 times then go to the premmy shop buy a studded shield, leather armor, and leather legs.( this is not needed but it will be helpful try to find a dagger lying on the ground somewhere if u can't find it see if you can buy it from the premmy store if you dont have enought money and its there farm the sewer again)

Go to rabbit hole northeast from bear kill alll them in the cave in defensive mode with your dagger if you have one if you dont kil them with you carlin sword. Once you've killed them all go up to the bear cave thing dont attack the bear just stay in defensive mode again if u have the dagger attack him with it if you dont dont attack the bear at all just shield againest it. when you get down to yellow go back down kill the rabbits some more some way you did last time and loot them for meat. keep doing this until you get you get your stats 13/13 or 15/15 if you feel like it, then once you get there go kill rats and loot them until your lvl 2.

Lvl.2: If your 15/15 you can defeat skellies again buy a rope buy farming for fresh rats i can with my 14/13 with some one helping me while i'm guarding them in full attack. Or you can go back and do the rabbit, bear thing. do it to desireable sword fighting and shielding.or to 17/17 now start training with trolls when they start to run just let them go do this about to then go then train with skellies until 30/30 now go kill some wolfs until your lvl 3.

Lvl.3: Try to get 20/20 now with trolls by letting the go when they run away. If you want to go further you can. Now go kill and loot skellies and sell the stuff you find.Keep repeating this stuff until you get lvl .8 by lvl 8 try to get 30/30 or 40/40 if you are really devoted try to get 50/50 or 60/60. Now go find a group of strong high lvl personin rooke and go on the sword of fury quest bribe him to let you have to sword.

Oracle: choose edron and knight
Main: Once you get to edron go south to find a cave make sure u have a shovel and once you fin it dig a hole on it and go down there rots down here and train with them train with dagger if you have it. just keep ddoing this stuff and you will be a awesome knight!