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Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Squares Off Against The Primal Susano And Goes Swimming At E3 2017

Yesterday during E3, Square Enix hosted a Letter from the Producer Live featuring a little bit more information on Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming expansion, Stormblood, which releases in less than a week. Producer Naoki Yoshida shared a look at what players can expect from the expansion, including a primal fight, swimming, and more.


First off, Yoshida shared a glimpse at “The Pool of Tribute,” a fight with the primal Susano, which will be available to players at level 63 and once certain main scenario requirements have been met. Yoshida noted that Susano does something that’s very “unique” and that players should look out for it during the battle.


Next, Yoshida took to the ocean to show off the brand-new swimming feature. All players will be able to swim on the surface of the water at the start of Stormblood, though you will have to progress through a certain point in the main scenario to unlock the ability to dive below.


It was then revealed that the Genji armor, a recurring set of armor from previous Final Fantasy titles, would be the reward for the next raid series, The Bend of Time – Omega.

Additionally, during the last half of the show, Yoshida took questions from the official forums. Among them, one inquired about the way the odd and even-numbered patches were set up, with two new instanced dungeons being added on even-numbered patches and one new instanced dungeon being added on odd-numbered patches. Yoshida explained the reason behind this being that even patches would focus on players raising item level, thus the need for two dungeons. Odd-numbered patches would have only one instnaced dungeon because the development team found that players were earning Allagan tomestones, the currency used to buy new gear, by different means other than running dungeon roulettes.

Lastly, an infographic was shared detailing the plans for the four weeks after the initial release of the expansion.


As shown in the image above, approximately two weeks after the official launch of Storm blood, The Bend of Time – Omega raid series will be available. Two weeks after that, the Savage mode of that same raid will launch alongside The Lost Canals of Uznair and the implementation of Allagan tomestones of Creation.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3. PS3 support will end with the start of the Stormblood expansion on June 20th.