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Treasure Trove full clear and strategies in Runes of Magic

Since a bunch of Treasure Trove accomplishment threads seem to be posted in general discussion rather than in the pictures/videos section, I figure I'd post this thread here as well

We managed to complete all of Treasure Trove (including all five bosses) with a party of only 4 players... it was very difficult, but we managed to get through all of it while wiping only once or twice. This is our second attempt at Treasure Trove -- our first being a full party of 6.

I would usually upload a series of videos in threads similar to this, but our strategies for Talomo and Snow Blake weren't really that amazing, nor were they very clean (a lot of kite-tanking and several party members dying), so I haven't really decided whether or not I'll upload the videos -- it all depends if there's demand for me to do so.

The party composition was:
Zarth (me!) - R/S
koyu - M/P
Kasmira - P/K
sniperbob - K/W
The 'trash' mobs were harder than the bosses themselves
You'll have to fight four 'fake' bosses (~500K HP) before the real one will spawn (~700K HP). We usually just click the chalices from left to right to spawn the bosses -- the ordering doesn't seem to really matter.

The fake bosses are cake, and shouldn't be an issue. However, it might be beneficial to practice strategies on the fake ones before attempting the real boss; note that all of the bosses will randomly turn party members into either cups or skeletons. If a party member gets turned into a cup, you can free him by clicking on the cup. Alternatively, if a party member gets turned into a skeleton, you will need a M/P to purify the debuff. If the main tank is a skeleton for a prolonged time, it's pretty much a guaranteed wipe.