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Runes of Magic: Latest Strategy of Instances and Worldbosses

Runes of Magic gave us the most exciting experience during the holiday season among all MMO games. Do you guys have already seen the newest Community Book – Volume 1: Behind the Mask Awakening until now? I had to say it’s really a wonderful one you guys should come to read!

And also the big deal is as good as the novel, If you missed it, please do not cry for it. Here is the even better news to you, I get some latest strategy of instances and worldbosses in Runes of Magic, and I’m glad to share it with all of you guys now. There are three parts I like best in Runes of Magic as Dungeon of Dalanis, Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom (Heroic) and Worldbosses.

Dungeon of Dalanis

Prototype No. 114

There is only one thing you should be aware of Tank & spank boss, there’re 2 types of fogs spawning on the battlefield, one will improve your attack but decrease your defense and the other one will improve your defense but lower your attack ofc.You get 150 attack but you lose 150 def with every buff so those buffs are also useless.

Maxim Erekat III

The most difficult and defeat hard boss in the instance. However, there are 2 things you need to know here. At some point a big shield will spawn on the battlefield and everyone needs to run close to it. Right after the boss will stun 1 party member and will start a 3-4 seconds cast which is going to one shot the stunned party member. In order to protect him, 1 person needs to click on the shield and stand between stunned character and the boss, you can also try to stun him to interrupt the cast. After everything is done, the boss will fly up and become immune, also he will start spawning dark fog on the ground which takes 5k hp per tick. Everyone needs to avoid this fog, the best way to do it is stand in one place and move in one group.

Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom

Mainly tactics: Mobs should be not to hard, don't pull to big groups.Mole King: Tank and spank, sometimes spawns some adds.


This boss has 2 specials here, because he random freezes people and he casts ''Triple Slash'' which 1-hits the tank and then run back to the frozen person and walk near him. You need to remember is one thing. As soon Cook casts the Slash, the tank should take distance immediatly, this is a deadly skill. Cook should be tanked at the top of the small stairs. NOONE should stand downstairs, or else you'll receive a 50k AoE.


It’s hard and messy fight, where you have to keep check of more then one thing at the same time.

1. Everyone should position themselves behind the boss and at his sides. This will give you space to run chickens, and to avoid the % AoE.
2. Don't go outside the lava pool. Burnout will hit you for 50k+.
3. The boss can turn one of the party members into a "chicken”. The chicken is a 4-6 second or so debuff, and when it ends, it spawns a chicken where you are standing. If you go near this chicken, it will continually hit you for 1.2k, quite fast. What you need to do when you get turned into a chicken is move away from the group, and park it a little bit away from group. When the debuff ends, start moving back to your position fast, to avoid getting hit too much by the chicken. Keep an eye out for the chicken debuff. Move away when you get it. Move back when it ends.
4. He does a 2 second fear. This might put you outside the lava pool at times, or on a chicken. Move back to your position as fast as possible and continue what you we're doing.
5. The attack can be avoided and y ou avoid it by standing behind him or at his sides, this way only the tank takes the hit. Hero pot and food for the tank is encouraged for this fight.


Ant Queen

A very hard boss, spawns once in 24h. You need 6 tanks, main tank should always be a knight.

Let the main tank get aggro. Queen random ''eggs'' people, this can be dispelled. Till 75% you should not have many problems if the tank keeps aggro. At 75% it spawns 3 adds, the tanks should take aggro and the DPS should ALL focus on these adds. After the adds have been killed, get back on the Queen. At 50% it spawns 4 adds, same tactic, take aggro and kill the adds, then go back to queen. t 25% it spawns 5 adds, same tactic, take aggro and kill the adds, then go back to queen. The last 25% is just tank and spank. Priests and Druids cannot res people while they are in combat themselves. People who are not in the group and not in combat can resurrect anyone who died. Just shout in Zone Chat where you died. Note that these ressers should not buff the players after ressing since this will start combat.