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Latest Runes of Magic Pet Guilds!

Made new thread to make it easier for people to follow the guide. added pictures etc and spent lil more time on it.

MODS feel free to delete this post so ppl can use new one instead

To get a pet, go to Logar, look for Matt Sorrun (pet hunter) 49.2, 41.0, directly opposite auction house so to speak. Read all the info, then go to Miller's Ranch.

Speak to the NPC in front of you, read the info (love reading hey) get a trap etc. He will tell you to use it on the wooden plank behind you. Its the tree stump so to speak, you can click on it, will put the trap down and meat will appear on it, and then a wolf will appear. I killed the wolf and got a egg.

Open pet menu (beside your char pic top left hand corner) at the top you will have breeding slots, click and drag the pet to one of the breeding slots. Seems you can have up to 6 total.

Right hand side shows attributes etc. Click on skills, here you get to choose skills for your pet which be active once summoned.

Improved Defense - Once summoned, pet gives +2 % pdef and mdef
Improved healing - once summoned, pet gives 2% healing to master (yourself, unsure if works on party members)

If you speak to the pet hunter, you can buy various food for your pet. be a good idea to raise loyalty and nourishment.

To level the pet, you need to use guild points, why? Stupid idea in my opinion but it asks for them. The pet hunter will sell you 'Powerful pet growth potion' which costs 45 guild points, will raise experience by +1000 and training +500.

There are 2 quests inside this section, one to milk the cows which gives random food, and the 2nd is feeding chickens for egg drops. Occassionally a golden egg will drop, can either trade to NPC, or feed it for some experience, is slow but is another alternative.

Other than that, your pet is handy in instances, farming etc, at this stage, I have not see pet gain experience in combat, however occassionally it will join in the fight (look under pet skills for the skills he will use but fairly weak at this stage)

Hope this QUICK guide helps most people. Feel free to add more stuff as becomes available, eg where to get more pets etc.

Looking for mobs to catch?

Has been confirmed they are random, so carry traps to try catch them, also they come out of normal mobs once you kill them. Some in ystra highlands give like 30+ to all stats etc so yeah.

I can see this ruining the game? Huge money maker and most ppl wont catch up? Once people start combining pets etc, never ending loop, look at games like eudemon online etc. Prob break the game, more than it all ready has. Good luck

If you read text also, says higher lvl mobs than you give better chance for a cavy to appear. Also can't miss it, just kill mobs and a system message pops up.

Make sure loyalty is 100%. I have a lvl 21 so far and giving 100+ all attributes so to speak so far.

Far as the pet tickets go, no confirmation where to find so far, I'm starting to think they be in cash shop, eg like purified stones. Would make sense, don't see all this effort going into the game unless to maintain it, you have to purchase dias lol.

TO merge your pet your keeping, eg main pet so to speak, open pet menu, click MERGING, click on the box 'Choose Agent' this is your main pet so select it. the other box 'reagent' is the pet you wish to combine to your main, eg you will lose this pet, but your main will get exp etc and level up.

Make sure its same type etc.

Rune Ghost
Type = None
Skill 1 = Focused Beam - Inflicts magical light damage on target, CD 15 secs
Skill 2 = Angel's Wing - Once master's health has dropped below 50%, the pet master will recover health every 2 secs

Wretched Shadowmoon Sailor
Type = Darkness
Skill 1 = Surprise Attack - Inflicts % physical damage on target
Skill 2 = Fireball - Inflicts magical fire damage on target
Skill 3 = Enchanted Scales - Increases pet master's critical magical hit rate points for xx seconds

Growling Hunting Dog
Type = Wind
Skill 1 = Rapid Rage - Inflicts % physical damage on target
Skill 2 = Huntsman Assist - For XX seconds, the pet master's physical attack power will increase by %

Wasteland Skipper
Type = Fire
Skill 1 = Inflicts % physical damage on target
Skill 2 = For XX seconds, the pet master's magical attack power will increase by %

Too much info for me to continue post due to time constraint, how bout ppl write down like I have, and someone who has time can make a new post or something and keep it up to date, hope that starts you off. I left values out as not sure if change when levels etc.