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The Latest Guilds for Runes of Magic

Is this guide for me?
Getting to many greens on a item?
Want to add more then 1 +5 attribute to a item?
Other guides not explain this well enough?
This guide goes in depth for the very beginner!
To start thing off lets talk about were these yellow stats come from you see on these items. To get yellow stats on a item you need 3 mana stones. The Stats that are on these mana stones get inherited by the item you choose. Am i going to fast? Don't worry i will explain in detail below all you need to know.
First off you need the 3 mana stones, and a item you wish to add the stats to.

To make 1 mana stone you would need to get a Power Stone, and 1 item. You may purchase Power stones in Varanas city, from the magic shop, or buy them at the Auction house under the Equipment Enhancements - Power Stones. Then you will need a item with yellow stats. You can find yellow stated items from monster loot (dropped items), or buy them also in the Auction house from other players.

TIP: The item you combine with the power stone will be lost! But you will get a mana stone out of it!

How to make a item with very few green stats!
Plain and simple, When ever you add stats to a item, and duplicated stats will be removed! But, its a little more difficult then that! This next section will explain why.

Lets start this off with an example. Say you have 3 mana stone. <This is ONLY an example>

Mana Stone 1 - +5str, +10 Hp, +5 Phy Att
Mana Stone 2 - +7Int, +5 Sta, +5 Phy Att
Mana Stone 3 - +5str, +7 Defense, +5 Phy Att

So how do you know what will be added to the new item? Well this is the part you relies how very simple this all is!
You new item Will have these stats:
+5str, +7int, +10HP, +5Sta, +7 Def, +5 Phy ATT

Congrats! You now know the basics of transmuting and may spam local chat with your new leet Gear you make / Show off to your friends xD

Getting your hands dirty
Well now that your a pro item builder you might want to know a trick to making the best stated item. I suggest reading all you can on a item. Ever notice why a there are green and yellow stats? Well A green stated item only holds 1 attribute bonus were yellow holds 2! Read below.

Tip: Only mana stones of the same tier of the item you are upgrading many be used with one another.

There are Runes in RoM that are every were! (Runes of magic... Tons of runes.. Almost Ironic X) These rune are Green or yellow when shown on a item. If the rune only holds 1 stat its green, Example Power I has +3 str, But Paladin II has +5 str, +15 Magic Defense which would be yellow. The runes itself is what your adding to the item not that actual stats. Let me explain.

You can have a item with 2 +5 str's on it, As long as the runes are not the exact same! You may use XXX II and a YYYII so long as X and Y are not the same. (if you do not understand have a friend read this and explain it to you x).
Good luck and soon you can make items Way better then this!

The above image was made with a 3 mana stones all with the same 3 green stats, and 1 with Paladin II, Another with Paladin IV, and another with Defender II, then added a power II to its rune slot.