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 > Home  > Runes of Magic  > How to Make a guild in Runes of Magic
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Runes of Magic

> How to Make a guild in Runes of Magic

Items you need.

-100k to make your guild
-4 other players

Items you dont have to have right away but need when you decide to make your guild larger.

-Money to make your guild flag (30k)
-Extra money to upgrade (depending on each lvl you go up)

(Note: *You can be any lvl to make a guild*)

First off, travel to Silvarspring and go to Varanas City. At Varanas City bridge you will see a NPC, Lieve [Teleporter], click on her and teleport to the Varanas City Guild Hall.

Once you have finally teleported, walk all the way at the end of the room to the NPC, Guild Establishment Administrator. Click on the NPC with a party of three including yourself and pay the fee of 100k.

(Note: *that the party members does not have to be with you when you form your guild.*)

After paying the administration fee, this will give you a temporalry guild. Then, you have to find four other players who are also not in a guild to join yours. When four players have joined your guild, go back to the Guild Establishment Administrator to upgrade to a full guild.

Finally, when your done making your guild offical go to the, Guild Flag Administrator NPC to make your guild flag. You have various of flags and colors to choose from.

When your done confirming and paying your 30k fee for your flag. Make sure you press "G" to bring up your guild interface. Once you have done that, you should see the Guild Resources button. Click it and you can see what resources you need to upgrade your guild.

(Note: *Upgrading your guild makes room for more members, each lvl you go up. More things will be added in Open Beta when you upgrade your guild.*)

*Resources for upgrading*

-Money Total
-Minning Total
-Wood Total
-Herbs Total
-Bonuses Total
-Magical Essence
-Champions Core

Resource requirements for each lvl.

Best to refine the resources down one time then donate it to the guild. It gives more points that away.

Upgrade lvl 1

Upgrade lvl 2

Upgrade lvl 3
35820 Gold
1783 Ore
1783 Wood
1783 Herbs

Upgrade lvl 4

Upgrade lvl 5
105.525 gold
7191 ore
7191 wood
7191 herbs

Upgrade lvl 6
170.608 gold
13495 ore
13495 wood
13495 herbs

Upgrade lvl 7
How to get a guild castle!

You need guild lvl 7 first. Getting guild lvl 7 you just need to donate resources to your guild and upgrade. After getting guild lvl 7 you need to gather 15k herbs, 15k wood, 15k ore and donate 350k gold to the guild to build your castle. (doesnt matter what kind of mats you gather as long as its herbs, wood and ore.) After donating your building mats to the guild you just visit the Guild Manager npc in Varanas either on west or east wing right beside the housekeeper then click on I want to build a castle.

Then you are done and successfully build your guild castle! Congratulations!

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