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Frequently Asked Questions

Rift Guide: Charmer's Caldera
- Oct 23, 2011

Smouldaron is the first boss encounter in CC, and one of the easiest to defeat. In many respects the trash that litters his platform can prove more problematic than he will – so make sure to clear it all out before engaging him as you may need the room to kite him.

RIFT: the guild for how to play a Holy Palain
- Jun 28, 2011

Playing a Holy Paladin can be a lot of fun in Rift if you are into being a support player.

RIFT: Making Platinum With Crafting Professions
- Apr 11, 2011

Almost all MMO games, crafting items is currently not nearly as profitable as it should be. Many players begin with games and haven't reached the level cap yet, and those who did most likely can craft much of the items on their own. Shortly, crafting is profitable if you're level 50 with a maxed profession, but otherwise it's just a drain on your platinum. So does it in RIFT.