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Revelation Online Beginner Guide Lv 1 – 49

Revelation Online is an ambitious and breathtaking new MMO in which players will discover an amazing adventure and explore a vibrant world of ancient mystery using the power of flight without any boundaries.

This guide made base by current release on Revelation Online NA/EU Servers. There are 7 things you need to know for a beginner for play this game.

Revelation Online

  • Do your main story quest (yellow) until level 20.
  • If you have Ascension Stone, don’t use it immediately. This stone gives experiences based on your level, so use them on Saturday or Sunday before weekly reset.
  • Level 20 – 30
    Find a full party and go to Darkfall
    Find Angela and take “Sulan Exploration Quest”
  • If you don’t reach level 30 by finishing the “Sulan Exploration Quest”, you can go to Scour Dungeons, you can access this dungeon by pressing “U”
    You can looking for guildmates or mentor to help you finish Oneiric Trials (Level 40-60) in Scour Dungeons to hit level 30
    Don’t forget use “Tea” to reduce your killing count so you can kill more mobs in Scour Dungeons (You can buy tea at Sunken Ship NPC or get it by crafting)
  • After you reach level 30 you can do another weekly exploration quest, and once again this have to be done with full party to get a lot of experiences
    – Journey from Lampyr
    Ragnal Thanes (Lampyr Creek lvl30): Bamboo Path(5468, -428, 2)
    – Guardian Trials
    – Bounty Quest
  • After you reach Level 39 you can leave your party and go to “Trial of the Four Kings”
    You have to do this at level 39, because if you go with level 40 you will get hard mode in this trial
  • After finish with “Trial of the Four Kings” you can go back do your quest (orange).
  • After finish with all orange quest, now you can do story quest (yellow).
  • After finishing all the yellow quest now you can start do blue quest and any other quest that left
    You can check your quest tab by pressing “L”
  • After all your quest done, now you can start using your Ascension Stones and start finding a good party to do “Deserted Shrine” and farm for good gear before you get into Level 50.

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