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LOTRO: MMOsale's proposal A letter in response to Turbine ban

Warning to everyone: your in-game tells are monitored. If you ever use the word "bug" or "exploit" in an in-game tell, it "flags" an alert to a game master. Below is the letter you can send to Turbine when facing a Turbine ban.

Dear Master:

I would like to say something about your decision to ban me in regards to my using a bug in the moors:
For 3 patches, I watched as exploiting spiders burrowed and ran around underground, and never was a spider banned
For over 30 days, I had to fight trolls while there was no possible way to get a ranger. You could have disabled the troll quests during this time, but you didn't.
For 2 weeks, I had to endure getting one-shotted by exploiting wargs using PPPPPP.
To this day, I have to endure watching creeps exploit by using potions to cancel out of conjunctions. How many creeps are banned for using this exploit?

Frankly I really do not care anymore. Your standards are not fair, and you can ban me permanently, I do not care. I learned NO lesson other than if I ever talk about a bug, it will not be "in game". I'll make sure its via outsite channels. By banning me simply because I used a bug for 3 days while creeps exploit bugs nonstop for months (and you ban no one) only demonstrates how grossly unfair you are.

I used to report bugs as I found them. I assure you I will not do so anymore. I used to want to help you make your game better by promptly reporting things as I saw them. But that desire is gone now. You lost, forever (not just LOTRO, but Turbine as a company) my assistance in helping you in this matter.

You could have confronted me privately in-game and I would have apologized and promised not to do it again. But instead, you wanted to lord over your authority and ban, what a great company. After months of watching creeps exploit bugs (like the burrowed spider) and getting NO PENALTIES, you decide to ban me for using one over a period of 3 days and informing only a single player (NOT players plural...I told only ONE player about it)....what kind of message are you sending?

Go ahead and ban me permanently, I promise you I will never report a bug to you again.

If you want to ban me because I will no longer report a bug to you, go ahead, but I will not do it ever again. Turbine (not LOTRO, but the company) has forever lost my loyalty to them.