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Prepare Yourself for Guild Wars 2 Launch Day

It's been almost only a week before Guild Wars 2's final launch day. Many players have been waiting for the day, August 28th. It seems a pleasure for who have pre-ordered the game that they can access the worlds of Guild Wars 2 three days early before scheduled. It's coming. But is everyone ready for the day? Here we offer some advices about how to prepare for the launch day.

Guild Wars 2 Choose a Server

Choose a Server

Guild Wars 2 is not a standard MMORPG as you usually know. The most different part is the worlds in Guild Wars 2. Worlds are servers, and these servers are not just places where you can meet your friends and party. They are not just some lands that monsters stand and dangers sleep which waiting there for you to conquer. In this game, a server is a team. To join a server is to become an active member of the team. Members of teams could gather as guilds and works closely to become stronger. The key thing is the World vs. World system, which your "team" will fight for victory every week.

ArenaNet has announced the final server list of Guild Wars 2. You should have already looked through them and have your goal in mind in case of mistakenly choosing an improper server. Find a suitable community for you and your friends to join in, and then you can start to decide what you want in Guild Wars 2.

Decide Your Play Style

Generally, to identify your play style is to choose PvE or PvP. If you prefer to experience the story of your character, or engage in the game play, PvE is more suitable for you. If you love to enjoy the pleasure of beating opponents or fight to the top spot, then PvP is your style. In Guild Wars 2, though there are many servers, they are not divided into PvP and PvE types. You can follow your willing to decide what to choose in the game. Guild Wars 2 set a free play style which totally let players themselves to decide what play style to choose. So what you need to do is to think of what you want in the game and which guild to join. To find a guild that fits your play style will lead you to a more wonderful game play experience.

Guild Wars 2 PvP play style

The other important thing is know your guild mates. These are people who you will be spending time with for many hours through the night and weekends. Make sure these are people you want to play with, and not just 'people' to fill the void and to prevent you from playing alone. Guild-mates really should be very much like you, and should stick with you thick or thin. People like this are not easy to find.

Pre-Purchase Guild Wars 2

As soon as the release date came out, the pre-purchase should be started. For pre-purchase players, they will be able to access in the game on August 25th, which is 3 days ahead of the scheduled time. Pre-purchase will also get you extra gifts. These free stuffs will surely bring more fun on the first day of launch. You can combine them with Guild Wars Hall of Monument Rewards at the same time.

Guild Wars 2 Pre-purchase gifts

Find People Who Know More about Guild Wars 2

Obviously you can find much information about Guild Wars 2 on the internet, like in forums and blogs. But usually they are getting more mess than used to be. You couldn't be sure of getting valued information. Don't worry, besides of the internet, you can find knowledge resource in real life. Many people would share what they know about Guild Wars 2 with living and breathing people by talking to them face-to-face. Just go out the house and try the local game store. You'll certainly find someone there who is excited about Guild Wars 2. If not, make them excited for it. You'll probably find yourself new guild-mates this way.

Then it's time to learn. Ask them of questions you want to know about Guild Wars 2. In the mean time with these communications, you may become good mates to play in the game. The more talks you do with each other, the better relationship you will have. And this will help you to make for better in-game experiences once the game begins. For not only will you be more knowledgeable about the game, you'll also be capable of playing smoothly.

Reserve Your Character Names

Don't forget to reverse your character name from Guild Wars! Since it is available for reversing character name for Guild Wars 2, you should take action as quickly as you can in case of that somebody else take your desired name. Of course, if you don't play Guild Wars then this is not necessary.