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Overwatch: The Essential Ana Guide
- Feb 10, 2017

The first post-launch Hero has arrived and she is a cool customer.

Ana wields a biotic rifle which can fire normally as well as scope. The crux of playing Ana is being able to make quick decisions. Should you be healing or dealing damage?  Sleeping an enemy or boosting an ally? She average mobility, an awesome ultimate and is considered one of the most high difficulty Heroes to play.

Ana is an excellent secondary support and should be thought of as an "amplifier" of your teams abilities and a "dampener" of the opponents'.  She is not a main healer.

Ana guide

One of the founding members of Overwatch, Ana uses her skills and expertise to defend her home and the people she cares for.

As the Omnic Crisis inflicted a heavy toll on Egypt, the country's depleted and undermanned security forces relied on elite snipers for support. Among them was Ana Amari, who was widely considered to be the world's best. Her superior marksmanship, decision-making, and instincts made her a natural selection to join the Overwatch strike team that would end the war.

Following the success of Overwatch's original mission, Ana served for many years as Strike Commander Morrison's second-in-command. Despite her responsibilities in leading the organization, Ana refused to step away from combat operations. She remained on active duty well into her fifties, until she was believed to have been killed during a hostage rescue mission by the Talon operative known as Widowmaker.

In truth, Ana survived that encounter, despite being gravely wounded and losing her right eye. During her recovery, she wrestled with the weight of a life spent in combat, and she chose to stay out of the world's growing conflicts. However, as time passed, she realized she could not sit on the sidelines while people threatened her city and the innocents around her.

Now, Ana has rejoined the fight to protect her country from the forces that would destabilize it, and most importantly, to keep her family and her closest allies safe.

Biotic Rifle - Ana's rifle shoots both hitscan and projectiles, and both healing and damaging bullets. When Ana is not scoped, she shoots a fast projectile but it does have a travel time. When Ana is scoped her rifle becomes hitscan, instantly hitting targets when she pulls the trigger. The rifle also changes when shooting allies or enemies. Allies shot are healed for 75 health over about a second while enemies are damaged for 80 over about a second. These differences mean its easier to land your shots when scoped but you have to reduce mobility to do so.

Tip - Ana's rifle cannot headshot, go for body shots.
Sleep dart - After a short delay (about a second, it feels like forever), Ana fires a dart from her sidearm, if this dart hits an enemy, they will be put to sleep for 5.5 seconds, unable to perform any actions. The sleep is removed if the target takes damage. This ability can turn fights from a 6v6 to a 6v5 for 5.5 seconds. The best targets are those away from the fight as they are unlikely to be hit. This is also a great ability to cancel channeled abilities such as Roadhog's Whole Hog or McCree's Deadeye. It can be used to save your life if a sneaky Genji finds you.

Fancy Tip - Sleep Dart does stun enemies briefly even if they are under fire. This can be used to slow down the enemies damage if you are unable to find a good target.
Biotic Grenade - This bomb doubles allies healing received as well as negates all healing to enemies. This is also your only way to heal yourself. It can be a great way to keep your allies alive by doubling their healing received, or go on the offensive by negating all healing on enemies.

Nano Boost - A very powerful ultimate which empowers an ally. This empowered ally has 50% increased damage, 50% less damage taken, and 30% increased movement speed. This is best used on Reinhardt, Soldier: 76 with Tactical Visor, Genji with Dragonblade, or Roadhog with Whole Hog. The empowered ally is often get focused by the enemy team so it is recommended to heal them while they rampage through the enemy team.

Overwatch: New Seasonal Event Winter Wonderland Now Lives
- Dec 14, 2016

Blizzard has released new Overwatch patch and introduced in new seasonal event Winter Wonderland, Symmetra and Zarya balance changes, and bug fixes, etc. Bellow are the details.

overwatch patch

Winter Wonderland

Overwatch is getting into the holiday spirit with a brand new seasonal event. For the next three weeks, Hanamura and King’s Row will be decked out in holiday lights, we’re introducing a new collection of holiday-themed cosmetic items, you can challenge your friends to a snowball fight, and our Loot Boxes will be and tied with festive bows.

Grab a mug of hot cocoa and jingle all the way to Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland.

General Updates

Added a new “Boop” unlockable voice line for Sombra
Players can now select the 1v1 Mystery Duel and 3v3 Elimination game modes from the Custom Game menu
Added a “Stay as Team” feature, which allows players to remain grouped with their teammates after the match has ended


Photon Barrier (New Ability)

Replaces her existing Photon Shield ability
Generates a large energy barrier in front of Symmetra that blocks enemy fire as it travels forward
Shield Generator (New Ultimate Ability Option)
Symmetra's Ultimate ability now offers a choice between Teleporter and a new option: Shield Generator
Shield Generator places a device that grants additional shields to allies within its effective radius (regardless of barriers, walls, or obstacles between them and the Shield Generator)

Photon Projector (Primary Fire)

Range has been increased from 5 meters to 7 meters

Sentry Turret

Turrets that can be carried have been increased from 3 turrets to 6 turrets
Cooldown has been reduced from 12 seconds to 10 seconds

Photon Shield

Replaced with the new Photon Barrier ability


Health has been decreased from 200 to 50
Shields have been increased from 0 to 350


Particle Barrier/Projected Barrier
Attacks like Reinhardt's Fire Strike or Hanzo's Dragonstrike that deal damage to both the barrier and the hero within the barrier, no longer deal damage to the barrier twice

Bug Fixes


[PS4 Pro] Fixed a bug that could obscure or hide UI elements on a 4K display
Fixed a bug that allowed more than one player to select the same hero on the Assemble Team screen, but forced one player to reselect after spawning
Fixed a bug that forced players to join Play vs. AI matches when attempting to spectate a friend
Fixed a bug causing a black screen to appear if players switched heroes as the round ended
[PC] Fixed a bug that allowed the “H” key to close the Hero Select screen even after that function had been bound to a different key


Bots are no longer able to use abilities or attack enemies after a Control match has ended
[Console] Fixed a bug that prevented Ana from being selected in 1v1 matches


> Fixed a bug that prevented players from correctly receiving experience after joining an in-progress 3v3 match
Fixed a bug preventing BattleTags from being displayed correctly during Highlight Intros and Plays of the Game in 1v1 and 3v3 matches
Fixed a bug causing the respawn timer to remain visible during 3v3 matches

overwatch patch

Competitive Play

Fixed a bug that allowed more than one player to select the same hero in rare situations

Fixed a bug preventing the nameplate above D.Va’s mech from disappearing while being destroyed, and displaying a “0” instead of the player’s name
Fixed a bug causing the “You” indicator (which typically only appears during killcam footage) to appear when D.Va looks directly at the ground
D.Va’s video tutorial now includes changes made to her Defense Matrix resource mechanics
Fixed a bug causing Genji’s sword to clip through its scabbard
Fixed a bug causing Junkrat’s Steel Trap animation to play when detonating a Concussion Mine
Fixed a bug causing Reinhardt’s hammer to become invisible to some players after using an emote
Fixed a bug that interfered with the accuracy of the alternate fire for Roadhog’s Scrap Gun
Fixed a bug that allowed players' Ultimate ability voice lines to play uninterrupted, even if they were hacked by Sombra during use
Fixed a bug preventing the sound effects from Torbjörn’s hammer from being played when his Ultimate ability was activated
Fixed a bug causing Widowmaker’s Grappling Hook to begin its cooldown after going through Symmetra’s Teleporter
[Console] Fixed a bug that allowed Mercy to receive Ultimate charge when using her Caduceus Staff to increase teammates’ damage when they’re not damaging enemies
[Console] Fixed a bug preventing Reinhardt from deactivating his Barrier Field after being hacked by Sombra
[Console] Fixed a bug preventing Sombra’s Hack from cancelling Soldier: 76’s Sprint ability
[Console] Sombra no longer receives credit toward her on-fire meter when her EMP ultimate hits Symmetra’s turrets
[Console] When multiple Sombras attempt to hack a health pack, the player that initialized the hack first will now control it
[Console] Fixed a bug preventing Sombra's Opportunist passive ability from seeing practice bots through the walls on the Practice Range
[Console] Fixed a bug preventing Sombra’s reticle from consistently expanding while firing her Machine Pistol


Fixed a bug that allowed Sombra to reach unintended locations on Watchpoint: Gibraltar
Fixed a bug that prevented Mercy from using Resurrect in rare situations on King’s Row

Overwatch: Widowmaker Hero Guide
- Jun 02, 2016

Widowmaker is Overwatch’s token sniper and is focused entirely on providing vision to her team alongside high single-target damage. In comparison to other Heroes, she brings almost no utility - her sole purpose is to kill quickly from afar or pressure enemy Heroes with body shots so they’re forced to find cover. While this might seemingly make Widowmaker a shallow Hero, her depth comes from not only perfecting your shots but positioning yourself so you’re always able to attack the enemy.


What’s often evident with Widowmaker is that the gulf between a good one and a bad one is enormous. Where a bad one will severely hinder your team (effectively leaving every fight as a 5 vs 6) a good one will be able to not only secure kills constantly, but pressure enough to allow the rest of her team to finish them off. Unfortunately the bad Widowmakers tend to outnumber those good ones by a wide margin. If you’re poor at aiming, it might be best finding a Hero that’s far easier to succeed with.

  • strategy

  • When it comes to strategy, Widowmaker is pretty archetypical of a sniper. She excels on maps that have large open spaces, or long corridors so that she can comfortably snipe the opposition from afar. Unsurprisingly any maps that require close quarters she fares poorly on, especially if there are lots of flanks as she’ll be unable to cover all angles or get good sightlines. Maps such as Nepal are particularly poor for Widowmaker.

    If you do have sightlines however, she can be devastating in the right hands but requires exceptional aim and positioning. The main thing you have to be careful of is the fact that if you do find a good sniping location and secure several kills, the enemy team will ensure they make their way towards you upon respawning. Constantly moving by using your Grappling Hook allows you to confuse the enemy, find a new location and continue to attack without risk.

    as a sniper, securing head-shots will almost always guarantee a kill at full charge of your rifle. However, if you can secure one from a body shot there’s no need to pressure yourself by trying to aim for the head. Many Heroes have 200 health or less and if they’ve already suffered some damage, it’s more than possible to simply finish them off with a single shot to the body. It’s also far easier to accomplish.

    overwatch news

  • Tips

  • This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your Widowmaker play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here.

    1. Remember that you're a sniper - range is key. Always find high buildings or walkways to fire from.

    2. Secure your location with a Venom Mine to prevent enemy players from flanking you. At the very least it'll give you a warning sign someone is coming.

    3. Your submachine gun is a last resort. It doesn't deal huge damage but with the poison from your mine, you can really hurt someone.

    4. Your Grappling Hook will propel you forwards and upwards, providing you with a mini-leap upon impact. Use this to get on ledges or adjust your position mid-air.

    5. Fully charged sniper shots deal 150 damage, more than enough to instantly kill Heroes such as Zenyatta. Don't feel pressure to shoot at someones head.

    6. Your Ultimate ability provides vision for your entire team. It's invaluable for predicting where enemies will come from and allows you to ready yourself to snip incoming foes. Don't waste it.

    7. Infra-Sight is perfect for lining up head-shots on unsuspecting players. Watch their movement and simply aim for where they'll be when they turn the corner into your view.

    8. Venom Mine can be thrown a reasonable distance. It's more than possible to flank the enemy and throw this into a group of them for high AOE pressure.

    9. Try to always change locations. A Widowmaker who stays in one spot is easily countered.

    10. If an enemy gets too close, quickly use your Grappling Hook on any object in the distance. You'll be pulled away and upon landing, drop your Venom Mine to prevent pursuit.