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Warhammer: Mythic tweaks Talisman Making, Scavenging, and Salvaging tradeskills

Mythic did a fairly major overhaul on their crafting system with the 1.2 patch and introduced us to Apothecary and its two gathering skills in a feature earlier this week. Part two of this feature just came out and it gives us some insight on the remaining crafting skills, namely Talisman Making, Salvaging, and Scavenging.

Talisman Making is a crafting skill that produces trinkets and charms that can be placed into slots on certain pieces of your weapons and armor. You need several ingredients to make a talisman: a container, fragment, essence, gold dust, and curio. This is a difficult and expensive skill to train because it requires items from both gathering skills unlike Apothecary. The benefits can be amazing though since an expert talisman maker can create powerful and highly sought-after resist and stat gems.

Salvaging is a gathering skill that lets you draw magical components from any new or old gear. Salvaging will get you everything you need except curios, which must be bought from the auction house or gained from a Scavenging alt/guildy. Scavenging lets you rifle through the pockets of fallen humanoid enemies and will get you everything you need except magical essences.