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Metin 2: PvE for Partisian Warrior

PvE stands for Player VS Enviroment , as a partisian you should have some average STR and good weapon for PvE , read the following information for Partisian Warrior PvE , and hope you have a good time in Metin 2


there are multiple ways that you can stat up your character such as:
Max Con : Max Str
2con:1str then Max STR once Con Maxed
2con:1str until Con Maxed then 2Str:1Dex
2con:1Dex until Con Maxed and then Max Dex
2con:1dex until Con maxed then 2dex:1str
Max Str Then Con


Two handed Sword +6 or higher.   
All other pieces of Armour must be +4 or higher so you can tank mobs fairly well, you should try get +6 if you can.
Armour with +HP boosts are very good and helpful, same as +STR enchants


1) 1 skill point in each
2) Might
3) Slash
4) Leap
5) Fury
6) Stomp