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Metin 2: Run Your DT at Floor 6 & 7

We will let you know how to make a DT run in Metin 2 floor 6 and floor 7 and hopw you can enjoy your gametime more funny!

Floor 6
This floor is harder then floor 5  it spawns 90 % viles and 10 % higher lvl viles.
The target is to kill complete room, but as you will go further you will find the proud demon (lvl75) king this should be killed after all other mobs are killed. After demon king, you will see 1 of the 3 skilled blacksmith.
1 ) weaponsmith ( upgrades weapons)
2 ) armorsmith ( upgrades helm, armor, shield)
3 ) accesorysmith ( upgrades earing, necklage and shoes)

Floor 7
Destroy the lvl 70 metin and you will get normal drops and an "unknown chest". Pick up that item and click on it. There are tWo possible maps that can drop : San Gui Tower Map and the Zin Sa-Gui Tower Map. The correct map you need is the Zin Sa-Gui map. Once you get that map, no more metins will spawn. You need to be sure that everyone is ready before you want to go to the other floor, which you can do by clicking on the map.