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How to Farming Ribs in Metin2

This time I want to introduce you the method of farming ribs in metin2 , if you are interested in you can read the following details , hope it helps

For rib farming you need level 30-40 and the best level for that is level 32 , level 32 partizan , might mastered and put points in evry skill and rest put in slash

You should put a 2:1 str:con build , you don't need a lot of ac . If you have weak items then you should do 2:1 con:str you need to tank as much groups as you can

The gear you should use

1)warlord helberd +4 or more , a rib would be useful too
2) level 26 armor +4 or more 
3) pentagon +6 or more
4) iron helm +6 or more
5) boots with nice movement speed for luring
6) at least 500 hp on brace, necky . if you are level 33 , or cooper earrings

After you have done with gear and you kill Estoric Arahan, Chief Estoric Arahan , Estoric Arahan Fighter