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Ultimate Metin2 Ninja- Archer Guide

This is a metin2 Ninja-Archer guide fot a lvl 75 ninja on Metin2 UK.

Archers, the most hardest class to play out of all. By this I mean mostly leveling, as an archer can only uses its skills with a bow, which can only attack one single target, good leveling will be done without skills. This mean leveling will be very very hard. Therefore you must be sure you want to put this effort into your char before you start playing as an archer!

Tip : Archers can use swords and daggers as well while leveling.
Now to the actual guide. Personally I think that you can go many different ways; stats, skills and equips. As long as you get the “must haves” at lvl 65/75 its all fine.

For the stats I advice VIT and DEX, you will both need both first. I don’t think there is a “best” way of putting stats, as long as you don’t put any in INT and STR till both VIT and DEX are MAXED. However to give some advice of doing it: go for the classic 2-1 build: meaning for every lvl you make, put 2 points in Dex and the last in VIT, do this till you get 90 (max) DEX, then put all 3 points per lvl in VIT till this gets 90. From that point on, put all points you get in STR. Do not, I repeat, do NOT put any points in INT until all other 3 stats are maxed!
Note : A stat is maxed at 90 points, you gain 3 points per level.


Here again you can have different choices. Which skill you want to master first, second, third and especially fourth is entirely up to you, however I do strongly advise to have: FIRE ARROW, POISON ARROW and REPETITIVE SHOT mastered at lvl 70. To give a classic build again:

The fourth master is a difficult choice, both skills have advantages and disadvantages. If you like to run in pvp: duels and wars: feather walk might be more suitable. If you like more damage I advice arrow shower. Personally I went for arrow shower, basically because I don’t run that much. Side note, there is a max moving speed limit on the game of 200, so with a speed potion you can run nearly as fast as someone using feather walk. I also wanted to add that it might be advisable to start of with blade skills and switch to archery at lvl 29, this way you can lvl a bit faster in the beginning..

Tip : skills can be maxed at 17 points. If it doesn't use a
oblivion/skill reset scroll for that particular skill. Don't waste
points because each level gives you 1 point only.

Up to lvl 30 don’t worry about bows, get some daggers, try at least +5/6 and change when you can use better ones again. At lvl 30 you should get a hornbow, preferable+7/8/9 with as much skill damage as possible. Also get a good Full Moon Sword with as much averaged damage as possible, preferably +7/8/9 again. Both, if they are good enough (skill and average on them) will do till you get 65. At 65 you can start using some serious weapons and some serious pvping. I advice to get a Yellow Dragon Bow +7 or if possible higher for pvp and a Divine Apricot bow +6 or higher for pvm. For lvling you can chose either daggers or swords, just what you prefer, advantage of sword will be that you can use it better for metins. Any dagger or sword lvl 65 +6 or preferably +7 or higher will be great. Once you get 70 or 75 you can start to try making some +9 lvl 70 or 75 daggers, as they don’t need pearls they are, compared to other high lvl stuff, easy to upgrade. 75 daggers+9 with as high average damage as possible will be amazing for lvling and will be your final pvm weapon for lvling. As for bows I advice to stay away from the lvl 70 bow. At 75 you have a choice: if you manage to get a Yellow Dragon Bow +9 I think this will suit you better then any 75 Crow Steel Bow, unless you can get one with skill damage of 15+. For pvm a Crow Steel Bow will be nice, get one with Great average damage for polymorph and maybe one for normal pvm too, here I advice to get a lil + skill and some + avg too. That’s it for weapons I think.
Tip : +9 weapons are most powerful but they are hard to upgrade.
Don't risk upgrading items unless you have 2 of them at same +.
If failed without a blessing scroll, items are lost forever.


Until lvl 42 you can use +4 armors, of course if you can get higher + then do so, maybe a lvl 18 Armour+6 as they easy to make. At lvl 42 I suggest a +6 or higher Armour, if you manage to get that one +8/9 you can use it till 61. If not keep getting +6 Armour on lvl 48, 54 and 61. A 61 Armour will be a great pvm Armour forever, get it as high + as possible for full defense. A 66 Armour will be pvp, again make it as high possible to get much magic resistance.

Tip : You can always buy amours with higher bonuses and + from
shops or trade with other players. Collecting yangs/Gold should be
a greater concern till you get to level 50+. As PvM is hard at later stages.

Until lvl 21 use a simple lvl 0 helm whatever + you get your hands on. Then after that try get a lvl 21 chain hood +7 or higher, this will do until you get a chain hood+9 or a lvl 41 steel hood +7/8/9 at higher lvls.

The main accessories are the silver bracelet and ebony earrings. I advice to get both +9 as soon as possible, at least before getting lvl 65, and try to get at least one of them +9 before lvl 50. The other accessories: shoes and necklace aren’t that important till lvl 65. Just +4 might be good enough, try use jade necklace until lvl 54 then use heaven tear necklace. For shoes try use jade shoes for some exp bonus. After you get lvl 65 you can try get some serious accessories, try replace the silver bracelet for a white gold one and get a heaven tears necklace as high + as possible. For shoes I advice leather boots/ecstasy shoes/phoenix shoes for pvp again as high + as possible and fire bird or phoenix shoes for pvm.

Tip : Ninjas - specially archer class should have good moving speed
in order to avoid enemies and for the upper hand in long range combats.

Try get one lvl 0 shield to +6, you can use this till lvl 41, thought if you can get a lvl 21 shield a reasonable +, use that instead. At lvl 41 get a black round shield preferably +6, if possible with defense against blackouts since this helps you a lot pvp-wise. At lvl 61 get yourself any 61 shield +9 as fast as possible, again preferably with blackout defense.
Tip : For PvP you will need PvP shields, The lvl 61 shields are of 4
kinds and each has a % defense against other classes.

This part might actually be the REAL guide. I will tell the basics of how to play from lvl 1 to lvl 75. (I am currently lvl 75 so I shall stop at that point.)

As you start playing get yourself to lvl 5 first, then chose the skills you want blade or archery, say you pick blade skill first, so you can lvl faster, and change them at lvl 29. Do the quests you get and keep lvling, try get some lvl 15 daggers+5/6, then lvl 20 daggers +5/6 along the way. Until lvl 12 stay at map 1 to lvl, after that you can try white oath soldiers in map 2, stay here till lvl 21. Try get a lvl 18 Armour + 6 before lvl 20. If possible kill a few map 1 metins, they will give you some skill books to sell, so you can buy some nice things to start with.

Tip : You can create a lvl 25 body warrior to hunt metins in map2. This is a good income for you if your class is hard in PvM.

The lvl 20-30s will be quite hard, I advice to get at least 11 Horse Medals before lvl 30, because they drop not much after that lvl. This way you can get War Horse easily. Also try get a lvl 21 helm +7 or so before lvl 30. Make money killing lvl 25 metins at map1 or map 2 or by selling Horse Medals.

At lvl 25 you can start with a horse, you will travel faster so I strongly recommend this! You can lvl at map 2 higher lvl mobs or find yourself a party in valley where you can lure, last thing will give great exp! Don’t forget to change back your skills at lvl 29 if you picked blade. Get your first master skill (at lvl 17!) and add 1 point in the others, put the rest of the points in to your “gonna be” second master.

Note : you can change your class only up to lvl 30.After that you will have to stick with 1 type of class.Old lady on map1can do this for a fee.

After lvl 30 exp will get more easy, but be careful, don’t waste all your time lvling, pay attention and time to make money to buy and make items. Before lvl 40 you should get 3 expensive things basically: a good lvl 30 bow, a good avg lvl 30 sword and a War Horse. Exp will be easy at esoteric’s and later at orcs. Luring or killing them yourself, whichever pleases you. Money can be made from metins lvl 25-30-35 (basically Map 2) and esoteric’s (lvl 30 2handed drops there). At lvl 36/37 you will get your second master (depending if you put points in feather walk) make sure again it masters at lvl 17, if not use oblivion!

From lvl 40 to 50 I suggest luring at orc parties and inside and around temple. Exp will be quite good. The items: before lvl 45, get yourself a lvl 42 Armour+6 and a lvl 41 shield+6. Then the hard thing: before lvl 50 get either Ebony earrings +9 or a silver bracelet+9. As you are lvl 40 now, you can enter the Demon Tower, use this for the expensive upgrades.. Its also advisable to get the orc tooth and the curse book Bio missions done before lvl 50. Money can be made by metins (35-45) and selling upgraded stuff you made in DT.

Tip : Archers are always needed for Black Orc Parties in the valley, once you reach lvl 25+ you can find good parties and lure for them.

Lvls 50-61 will probably be the hardest, since orcs give bad exp then, you will need to find other places. Temple, demon tower 1st floor and cave1 are probably the best places now. After lvl 55 you can try cave2, sometimes ppl (friends) will let you lure for them here, this will be the best exp place by far! For items, I say try get the other one (ebony earrings or silver bracelet) before lvl 61. Its also advisable to start saving yang for lvl 61-65. To make money I advice lvl 50-55 metins, killing Orc Chiefs and again selling upgraded items you made in DT. Also try to get the Demon Keepsake Bio mission done before lvl 60 also try get M1 poly before lvl 61. At lvl 53/54 you get your third master, again make sure to get it at lvl 17!

Tip : Archers have the strongest damage among all class while polymorphed. Archers skills damage are also strongest among all other class.

Lvl 61-65, exp will be best in cave2, if you can’t buy tickets, or are to weak to kill here, cave1 or DT-runs will give enough exp. At lvl 61 its important to get a lvl 61 armour +6 or higher and a 61 shield +7 or higher. If you didn’t get a silver bracelet or ebony earrings before this, I strongly advice you to get one before getting lvl 65! Money can again be made from lvl 55 metins, killing Orc Chiefs/Queen Spiders and DT upgrades, but also cave2 drops can make you some nice cash.

Tip : You should join a guild once you reach lvl60+.Guilds are a good way for you to have more fun and get help in your quests.

At lvl 65 the real thing approaches. I suggest you stay 65 for a while before continuing to lvl up. Spend time perfecting your gear and skills (you should have about 1 G skill and another at least M10) spend time getting a lvl 61 shield and 65 weapons (see for info weapon guide), if possible try get a lvl 61 Armour +7/8 so you got a good pvm Armour. Also start focusing on accessories now: good shoes, necklace, helmets, and 61 shields. I also advice to start getting these items with bonuses now, as many will be final in your gear. Also try get G1 poly. You can get the money for all of this at 55 metins, cave2 drops, killing Queen Spiders and DT upgrades.

Tip : Ninja skill books are cheaper then others.Sell other books you get from metin hunting and buy books for your skills. Getting Grand Master 1 is very important after level 65.

65-70 will be best in cave2, with the 65 weapons every archer should be able to kill there. If your not able to get tickets I suggest you party in DT runs to get exp that way. You get you 4th master at lvl 69/70, I shall repeat again: make sure you get it on lvl 17! The rest of your time you can spend in DT-runs improving your weapons. And you can start on a lvl 66 Armour for pvp, +6 at least, anything higher will make you a lot stronger, so is therefore most advisable, but very difficult to make for sure. You can also try to exchange the silver bracelet for a White Gold one, thought this is not necessary, but some more HP is never bad and you might also try get some lvl 70 daggers +7/8/9 for some nice pvm wep, again this isn’t necessary but quite helpful. After u reached lvl 70 Finnish the Ice Marble Bio quest and Zelkova Bio quest. Money can be made by Dt upgrades, metins lvl 65-70-75-80 and killing bosses like Queen Spider/Nine Tails/Flame King.

Tip : In metin2 you can get married to another player's character of opposite sex. This means you can hunt in parties with your partner.


From 70-75 cave 2 will again be the best place, though DT might provide enough exp for the non-DC-user. Personally I did these 5 lvls non-stop, it took me a full week in cave2 and some exp rings. At 75 I think you should take a break again, try to perfect your gear again and maybe start on some 75 weapons, a high +skill 75 bow and +avg 75 daggers will be deadly.

This is where I am now and where this guide shall end. I wish it may help you on your journey of Metin2 and wish you good luck achieving your goals!