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Lates Strategy of LOTRO
- Jun 03, 2010

Kick off the summer in style during LOTRO’s Welcome Back Week from May 25th through May 31st! Come back to LOTRO for free1 and receive a +5% XP2 boost for all mob (monster) kills and free travel at Stable-masters. Players can play your old characters or start a new one.

Lotro:The Most Useful Crafting Guide
- Feb 07, 2010

This page provides a basic introduction to crafting in the game. If you're looking for something more advanced, I can recommend Killer Guides' lotro

LOTRO: Getting Started Man lvl 5 - 10 - Archet & Combe (2)
- Feb 07, 2010

Today I continue sharing Lotro Archet & Combe Guides tha lasts from former, who use it can discuss it with me and I can give you some advice if you like.

LOTRO: Getting Started Man lvl 5 - 10 - Archet & Combe (1)
- Feb 07, 2010

Welcome to the new Archet - burned and slightly bruised, perhaps. This guide takes off where Starting as Man left off

LOTRO: Suggestion on Class
- May 18, 2009
We know there are not a couple jobs on lotro that have pets but we have no idea how strong/weak those jobs are. I do not want to spend a couple months getting to level 30 only to kick myself for picking the wrong race or class.
LOTRO: Hero's Guide & NPC Profile
- May 03, 2009
Ancient and gigantic, the towering peaks of the Misty Mountains (in Sindarin, Hithaeglir) run from Carn Dûm, the capitol fortress of Angmar in the north, to Isengard, seat of Saruman the Many-coloured in the south.
LOTRO: Lord of the Rings Online experience It comes in pints?
- Mar 28, 2009
If you were a Lord of the Rings Online subscriber and were thinking about getting back into the game, now's your chance. In celebration of Volume 2: Book 7, Turbine has opened the doors to allprevious subscribers, reactivating everyone's accounts so you can play starting tomorrow and ending on the 31st.
LOTRO: Ex-Turbine exec to joins forces with Hello Kitty Online
- Mar 05, 2009
Sanrio Digital has in recent times announced a new vice president of Publishing and Business Development for their Hello Kitty Online MMORPG project.
LOTRO: The hero's guide to the Lone-Lands of Lord of the Rings
- Feb 28, 2009
Codemasters has released another entry in their "hero's guide" series of articles for The Lord of the Rings Online, this one centering on the Lone-Lands, home of Weathertop and many other dangerous locales.
LOTRO: Lord of the Rings Online weekend worlddifficulties
- Dec 08, 2008
Some of Turbine's worlds for Lord of the Rings Online Online have been undergoing issues, apparently stemming from unduly high loads on Saturday evening.