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LOTRO: The latest strategy of making money guilds in LOTRO online game

Money Guide

Welcome to our money (currency) overview for Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar. The quickest way to pick up some extra Lotro gold is by buying it. A good resources is mmobux since they not only compare prices between different gold sellers, but also provide user ratings.ompare prices between different gold sellers.

The currency system within LOTRO is similiar to many other MMORPG games but has some differences. The currency is broken up into three seperate types, Gold, Silver, and Copper.

For example, the character above has zero gold, 40 silver, and 49 copper. There is also a currency called "destiny points" that we'll discuss later and deals with monster play. As far as the denominations go, 100 copper is equal to 1 silver, but 1000 silver is required for 1 gold. Kind of odd we think, but that's the way it is none the less.

Getting Money

There are a wide variety of ways to aquire money in the game, the most obvious is to complete quests and sell off what you have looted from various creatures. To sell your items to a vendor (npc - non playing character) you simply talk to them and go to "sell" as seen below.

Various vendors have items for sale but will also buy yours from you. As you can see in the diagram above, the character can sell a wide variety of items and get more money from them. They can in turn spend that money on items from a vendor or auction house.

Other ways to build wealth include crafting various items and selling them to vendors or on the auction house to other players. For making money by crafting, you might want to look into Killer Guides' lotro crafting and procession guild.