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 > Home  > Lord of the Rings Online  > LOTRO: Getting Started Man lvl 5 - 1...
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Lord of the Rings Online

> LOTRO: Getting Started Man lvl 5 - 10 - Archet & Combe (1)

Welcome to the new Archet - burned and slightly bruised, perhaps. This guide takes off where Starting as Man left off

Talk to nearby Jon Brackenbrook and Constable Thistlewool to receive Burying the Dead and. Head south through town and get Builder Earur's quest, Builder Earur, then north to talk to Atli Spider-Bane for A Threat from Spiders

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Threat from Spiders

Talk to Atli Spider-Bane.
Head south of Atli and talk to Cal Sprigley.
Head south out of the gates of Archet and toward Sprigley's farm; talk to Edward Carver as you pass to receive Strong of Arm and Sharp of Mind. Watch the right side of the road, also, for the bodies of Dirk Mudbrick (by the sheep farm) and Wil Wheatly (just southwest of Bronwe's Folly) for the Burying the Dead quest.
In the southeast corner of Sprigley's Farm is Sprigley's Strongbox; right click to collect it. Watch out for the Brood Lurkers and Weavers (level 4/5).
Search the nearby Dead Farmhand's corpse to receive Sprigley's Bow.
In the northwest area of the farm you will find Sprigley's Seed Bag.
Return to Cal Sprigley, but on your way back, complete Builder Earur, Disease Among the Boars, and Burying the Dead.
Rewards: 90 copper, XP

Builder Earur

Talk to Builder Earur.
Head south along the road; right before the gate to Combe you will find Builder Earur's overturned cart.
Right click the Toolbox.
Return to Builder Earur.
Rewards: 90 copper, XP, choice of

3 Lesser Essences of Athelas
3 Lesser Celebrant Salve

Disease among the boars

Talk to Constable Thistlewool.
Head south of Archet and kill 10 Diseased Bristlehides (level 5).
Return to Thistlewool.
Rewards: 90 copper, XP, choice of

Thistlewood's Knife (Dagger, Bind on Acquire, 3.4 DPS)
Worn Shoulder Pads (Medium Shoulder Armor, Bind on Acquire, 6 Armor

Burying the Dead

Talk to Jon Brackenbrook.
Head south out of Archet.
Right click Dirk Mudbrick near the sheep farm to bury him.
Right click Wil Wheatly southwest of Bronwe's Folly to bury him.
Head to the Hunting Lodge; right click Nate Whisperwood to bury him.
Return to Jon Brackenbrook.
Rewards: 90 copper, XP

Receive the three new quests from Builder Earur (Message to Taylor Green), Jon Brackenbrook (An Urgent Summons), and Cal Sprigley (Finding Reason

Finding Reason

Talk to Cal Sprigley.
Talk to Atli Spider-Bane.
Head out of the east gate of Archet, and down the Old East Path.
Right click on Bali's body to find a piece of his journal.
Enter the caves (Sprigley's Cellar) behind Bali; scattered around the tunnels are cocoons.
Right click on 5 cocoons to obtain the 5 missing jouirnal pieces.
Return to Atli Spider-Bane.
Rewards: 90 copper, XP


As you explore the world of Middle Earth, help NPCs, and defeat foes, you will advance Deeds for your characters. As you kill spiders in the fields and in Spigley's Celler, you will progress Spider-Slayer and Spider-Slayer (Advanced

Different deeds have different rewards: for exaple, Spider-Slayer allows you the use of a new title: , Spider-foe, while Spider-Slayer (Advanced) rewards you with a new Trait

See the local Bard to equip your trait for +1% to Posion Resistance, 1% to Shadow Mitigation, and 2 to Vitality

Talk to Atli again to receive your final quest in Archet

Spider Bane

Talk to Atli Spider-Bane.
Head south out of Archet, to Cal Sprigley's farm, and enter the cellar in the northwest.
Head to the northwest area of the cellar.
Kill Iornaith (level 8). Iornaith will come with at least two friends - consider bringing at another adventurer with you.
Return to Atli Spider-Bane.
Rewards: 90 copper, XP, choice of:

Iornaith's Bane (One-handed Axe, Bind on Acquire, 4.4 DPS)
Iornaith's Ward (Light Head Armor, Bind on Acquire, 7 Armor, +2 AGI)
Your next quests take you south, to the town of Combe. Follow the road south from Archet and into Combe

An Urgent Summons
Talk to Jon Brackenbrook.
Head south from Archet, into Combe.
Enter the Comb and Wattle Inn.
Talk to Lizbeth Honeymeade.
Head up the stairs in the southeast corner, and into the back room.
Talk to Toradan.
Rewards: XP

Toradan will give you a new quest, Finding Amdir. For now, you will finish up our other two Archet quests; note that many NPCs here have quests, but you'll pick those up in just a bit

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