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Lineage 2 Player vs. Player Combat: Group Tactics

There are often times in the world of Lineage II when parties, clans, and alliances will find it necessary to fight as a unit, whether over territory, for a castle, or for vengeance. Group Player versus Player (PvP) combat requires much greater tactical skill and organization, where a solid game plan and strong leadership can mean the difference between victory and death

The first things to understand are the different classes and their role in Group PvP. Healers are responsible for keeping the party alive through the use of healing spells and magic that incapacitates enemy characters. Buffer classes should try to keep the party enhanced with vital buff spells but focus primarily on incapacitating, de-buffing, or casting damage-over-time spells on the enemy. Damage dealers, whether ranged, melee, or summoned, should focus all of their attacks on the same target and take out individual enemies as quickly as possible, although keep in mind that movement speed and terrain can play a huge role in the effectiveness of close -ranged fighters

With this in mind, it is always recommended that the enemy healers always be considered one of the primary targets because of their unique skills. Taking them out of the battle early will make it much easier to take out the enemy group, although it may be necessary to gain Karma if they refuse to become aggressive. The other primary targets in group encounters are wizards and necromancers, who can deal massive damage in a short period of time and possess an excellent array of de-buffs and incapacitation skills. Archers are also important to neutralize as quickly as possible because of their high damage output

One important tactic to consider, however, is that it isn’t always necessary to kill an opponent in order to take them out of the battle. Skills and an awareness of their use in group PvP are vital to victory. Paralyze, stun, or sleep attacks are great for effectively taking an enemy out of battle until later, although many of these skills only work if the target player is marked as aggressive. Casters can be rendered useless with proper use of Silence, making them unable to cast spells. Dispelling buffs is also a great way to lower the overall effectiveness of the enemy and provide a much needed edge. The faster opponents are neutralized, regardless of the method, the faster the battle is over and the more efficient the victory

The most important factors of any group-based combat are organization, leadership, and communication. The team must be able to work together as a single force and follow orders from its designated leader. The leader must have clear objectives, be able to make snap decisions, and adapt quickly, assisted by a clear understanding of his units, his opponents, and the necessary tactics required for victory. Communication of these objectives and decisions from the leader, combined with succinct updates from the battlefield, hold the unit together and make it an effective fighting force

Constant warfare is a fact of life to everyone living in the world of Lineage II. Eventually, all
clans and alliances looking to carve their place in history will be forced to go head to head with their enemies and assert their dominance on the battlefield. With a thorough understanding of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, strong organization, clear objectives, and a steady hand, you can rise to the top and defeat your enemies