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PvP 1-75 Great Hunting Spots of Lineage 2

'lvl 1-20 do by hand or find own hunting spots. You level too quickly to have a bot run very long. I do enjoy talking island though. I often bot the orc spawns from 1-15 then the solo skeleton spawns for 15-20.

lvl 20-28 hunt bottom floor of mithril mine around the static spawns of golems and nightmares.* Also one may hunt Dre Vanuls in the last room of elven ruins. A favorite of mine is the plateau near dion.

lvl 28-40 the execution grounds pit under the bridge past the hangman trees.* Silenos and lizard man warriors around giran harbor as well.

lvl 40-46 leto man soldiers/shaman spawns of 2-4 across river from hardin's academy.

lvl 46-52 Lakins and weird drakes that are on the east side of the southern bridge of Narsell Lake. Best spot ever.

lvl 52-55 Mirros at the north west tip of the river leading to Giant's Cave. Or Blazing swamp where map lines 40-57 cross.*

lvl 55-61 Marshstalkers or Undead on plateau overlooking marsh drakes.

lvl 56-62 Oel Mahum north of ivory tower.

lvl 59-65 Kranrots under Giant's Cave.

lvl 63-67 Bot along wall in forgotten gaterway. Top B grade required.* Avoid going AFK because mobs can swarm on you easily and players can be inquisitve.

lvl 65-74 Doom knights if you dare. Same rules as above.

lvl 67-72 Trives, Falibanti, Doom knights along a wall or up on the platform. Top B required.* I wish I knew a different spot.

lvl 72-75 Somewhere deep in lair around kariks.