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Dwarwen 1-20 of Lineage 2 map

Ok, first strap on your Guild members club, as it will be the killing tool of choice for the moment and the most effective you have unless you have some friends. Now, speak to Miner Maron (located on the NE side of the starting area) to receive the beginner's map quest.

Next step is to kill the little wolf guys near by until level four while collecting the fangs Maron asked you to get. You should see after one or two kills 'Earned a Nepitir Fang' in the system notice area, which means you have gained a quest item. Once you reach level four head back to Maron and he will give you a map and a miner s license. Up in the right hand corner is a compass, go to the yellow dot on it and talk to Foremen Laferon.

Now that you have done that boring step lets get back to creating blood spray! To reach level five follow the path out of the starting area and take a right the first chance you get. There you will kill Elder Keltirs, don t worry about dying at this point, before level five you don t lose any XP so just whack the crap out of the elders until you drop dead or hit five. If you die just go south from where you spawn and out the gates of the town, that will take you back to where you just were, kill elders until you reach five.

Once you have reached five head into town to the north and follow the road through town, you will see a large water tower structure on your left, right after that on your left will be the weapon/armor shop. Enter the shop and talk to one of the two people in there, buy an Eight-hundred and Eight Adena club or sword as they will kill the quickest. If you don t have the money for a weapon don t sweet it, grab some armor, the lowest boot, pants, shirt, gloves and helmet.

As you leave the shop to your left is the blacksmith s shop. Head in and say hi to him, as he will be your friend for a long time. He will teach you skills and later on help you craft weapons. For now tell him you would like to learn some skills from him. Now this is where you have a real choice to make, moneymaker at ten or damage and armor. See, at ten you will get the option to get two skills called Spoil and sweep. These skills are imperative to find lots of craft items and the occasional pieces of armor. The problem is you must have both skills, or someone using one while you use the other, and the real predicament is that both skills cost 1100 Skill points (SP) each. So if you want those then save your SP and get them around level ten or eleven. Even if you don t get them now you can always get them later and you will get SP faster after level ten. I would recommend skipping the skills and getting weapon mastery then armor mastery but I had to let you know about those two nice skills.

After you have decided on what you are going to do skill wise step out of the blacksmith shop and directly across and to the left a bit is a Marife Redbonnet standing next to a building surrounded by a fence. Talk to her and tell her you will kill the dark wolves, now head north out the gate and follow the road around the hillside. Follow the path to where it starts to go up an incline, go to the top of the incline and run off the edge to the valley below, there you will stick to the left side of the wall. You should find a bunch of dark wolves standing along the hillside.

Now these are going to hit a little harder then the things you were killing before and you may have to sit after every 4th one or so, depending on weapons and armor. A way to make sure you don t die and go back to town is always have your options window open and if you start to die hit restart game and you will be exited right away. This will save you the time of running clear from town to the wolves. Kill the dark wolves until you collect 40 pelts and level 6, then head southwest to the road and follow it up the hill to the town. Marife Redbonnet is on your left behind the fence right after you enter town, talk to her and gets your reward. Now here is where things are going to change a bit, if you are lucky you get a pearl as a reward, which sells for 5k, if not you will either get a mirror worth 500 adena, a necklace worth 360a, or a hair pin worth 100a. If you were lucky enough to receive a pearl purchase a better helmet, boots and gloves, and maybe a short bow and some arrows for some nice XP later but don t spend too much, you know what they say, don t spend all your money in one place.

Next, if you received the pearl, head out of the weapons shop and got right up the road, keep going until you see a round building to your left, it will be sitting on top of a hill. Behind that building, to the left is where you can find the Magic shop. Enter the shop and buy some much-needed lesser healing potions. If you got any of the other rewards skip on armor for now and head out to the magic shop and purchase some healing potions as well.

After buying potions leave the shop and go into the building to your right. Inside you will see what looks like the seven dwarfs from snow white, kind of, but they have different personalities by far. Talk to Elder Spiron, he s stingy dwarf, he will give you a quest to collect goblin brigade necklaces, accept it but don t expect much of a reward, just a little adena, but worth it none the less. Now find Elder Filaur, he isn t as stingy as Sipon but requires a little more work out of you. He ll want you to collect ore and map fragments from some orcs in the old coal mine. The real pay off is in the maps with this one.

Now, leave the elders and head down the hill and look for the weapons shop on your left, stop in front of there. Here s the real choice, how much time do you want to spend thwacking the crap out of wolfs for pelts and money? If you really want money for better weapons and items then do the Redbonnet quest over and over until your eyes melt out of your skull. If you are ready to proceed to leveling the head across from the weapons shop and out the gate.

Follow the road across the bridge and don t take any turns, just stay on the road. At the end of the road you will find an abandoned coalmine, the first Dwarf dungeon. Just inside the entrance you should see what would remind you of that old beefy football player from high school who used to dump kids in the trash, those are utuku orcs. The orcs are social, meaning that if they are within a certain radius of each of when one is attacked they will come to the others aid. Lucky for you, like the foot ball players they are slow and can be out run if you start to die or get one too many. If you get two and you know you are going to die run with enough health to take a blow or two as you flee. Pass the orcs in the entrance up and head through the tunnel to the first large room.
Here you should see goblin brigades, orcs, and black timber wolfs. Goblins are social just like orcs so be careful not to attack them when they are close to each other. If you bought a bow you can use this to shoot a target to pull it to you, doing a good amount of damage to it at the same time. You can also learn the art of run and shoot where you run from the target and shoot it before it attacks you. The orcs are slow enough you can do the run and shoot on them very effectively without any down time for you to heal. As you kill the orcs and goblins you will find ore and goblin necklaces, you should see the message 'Earned a goblin necklace' this means you have gained a quest item.

Continue to kill the orcs and goblins until you level or it becomes hard to get kills because of people. On the NE side of that room is another tunnel, follow that deeper into the mine and into a larger room. You will now see werewolf s as well as orcs but the goblin population in this room is none existent thanks to the werewolf s undying hunger. The werewolf s are social just like the orcs and goblins so be weary of other monsters. The orcs have a powerful friend amongst them in here, the orc archer, watch out for those bad boys because they hit hard and will no doubt send you to your death with six or seven arrows sticking out your butt. They are hard to out run because of their range and will assist their fellow comrades so be watchful of them. Pick off the orcs until you reach level ten, now this may take a while but it is faster because as you go the down time between these and the other monster you could be fighting is a lot less.

If you get sick of orcs you can head to the east wall and up the long tunnel to a room with blade bats, magical weavers, goblin lords and gemstone beasts. I only recommend killing the weavers as the bats hit hard from time to time and the goblin lord will be a beautiful reddish color to you or possibly yellow. Everything in this room is social aside from the gemstone beasts so watch out for additional monsters, or adds as they are called. If you happen to have a bow you can take anything in this room aside from the gemstone beast, though the goblin lord will give you a run for your XP. The bats are incredibly slow and can be taken down with the run and shoot move very easily not to mention they give good XP. It is best not to team if you have a bow since you will be leveling faster without a team because XP in team is split and you kill fast with no down time with a bow. If you don t happen to have a bow then find one or maybe two people to team with and kill weavers with unless you prefer to solo.

Now if you want there is a tunnel to the west that will lead you down a long bridge. Follow the bridge and don t take any turns but watch out on the end to the right there are goblin brigade sub leaders, we will learn a little bit more about them later, but they will attack you if they see you so try to stay away from them. If you get one on you and have a bow you can kill it by running and shooting or you can just choose to out run it. Run straight off the bridge and up the tunnel, if you have any brigade sub leaders on you just keep moving. Use your right click and hold to adjust the camera so you can see the top of the tunnel as you go up so you can click up there and keep moving without stopping. You should be able to ditch the sub leader on your way up the tunnel, if not when you reach the top you will enter a large room with weavers, gem stone beasts and bats everywhere. There should be people here killing run around shouting for help if you need it and someone should come to your aid. This room, the before where the goblin lord was, and the room with the orcs and werewolf s are going to be your fastest way to ten, our target level at the moment.

Now that you have reached ten go back into town and sell anything you have collected as far as recipes go aside from coke. Any recipes you have found will take a load of things to make and you can always buy one later of a player if you want to make it, they will always be out there. If you found a cedar staff head or a cedar staff it s self you have scored, you may have even found a mace off a gemstone beast. What to do now if hold onto the cedar staff and use it as a weapon, it is awesome and you will get far with it. As far as the cedar staff heads go it is your choice to sell them to the shop or hold onto them until you have the recipe and all the stuff needed to make one. I myself sold mine and purchased the wooden armor in the shop.

After you have sold your bounty head out of the weapons shop and head left towards the north gate out of town, the last building on the left will have a man inside name collector group, talk to him and get the quest he has to offer. Return to the weapon shop and talk to trader Reep, and then he will tell you to talk to Carrier Toroceo, go out and up the hill to the right. As you reach the top of the hill on your right will be the warehouse, go to the left side of the warehouse and find your way behind. Talk to Carrier Toroceo and head back out to the main road.

Go south up the road and out of town, follow the road back through a chasm and talk to Miner Maron, he is the guy you got your map quest from in the beginning. He will be to the right side of the area standing in front of a large tower like structure. Head back to town after you have talked to him and run north past the weapon shop, between the weapon shop and collector group s place is the Blacksmith's shop, talk to Blacksmith Bronp and get the quest to retrieve his gems for him.
Head back to the mine and to the room with the werewolf s and orcs, on the left side of the room is a ramp that leads into another room where there are a lot of sub brigade leaders. These will attack you and are social so be careful when you attack them. The fast way is to pull the one that stands on the mound just inside the room. You can do this two ways, walk up to him until he attacks you and then run back a little and beat him to death. Or you can shoot him with the bow and run back down the tunnel shooting and running into the werewolf/orc room until you kill him.
When you kill the sub brigade leaders you will receive a message saying you have received as Chrysolberry or an Aquamarine or both. Do these quests until you have collected ten of each; you should hear a bell sound when you have. Run back to town and talk to the black smith, his building is to the right of the weapon shop when you enter town. Talk to him and he will give you a gem box. Take the gem box back to collector group. Group tells you the gem box contains coal. Return to the black smith and he will give you a letter. Take the letter and head back to the warehouse to the south. Talk to warehouse keeper Murphrin and he will give you a treat to give to warehouse keeper Airy who will give you a bat schismatic. Take a breath, almost done with this. Head back to the mine and kill blade bats until you get a star diamond, this will be very easy with a bow, a little tougher for you will clubs or swords still. Now the drop rate on the gem is random, you may get it first kill, or second, or tenth, all luck.

Once you have collected the gem head back to collector group in town and give him the gem, he will in return give you a great weapon. Now, if you have cedar staffs sell the hammer to the store for 12k or try to sell it to a player through a private store for 13-16k. If you didn t get a staff meet you new weapon of doom! Now that you have finished the hammer quest head to the weapon shop and grab some new gear if you have the money, wooden armor, a full set adds to max life. Make sure to save 3k because that will be your ticket out of here. Once you are ready to leave this cold dull place head out of the weapon shop and go south up the hill, there you will see a women in red named Gatekeeper Wirphy, talk to her and teleport to the town of Gludin.

Now that you are in Gludin dust off your jogging shoes and pick up a world map from a player or a shop. The shop will be off to the left side of town near the east gate exit. If you have enough Adena and want to move along faster you can talk to Gate keeper Belledonna and have her warp you to Gludio castle town. If you don t have the money head out the South gate and follow the road, checking you map to make sure you are heading towards the town of Gludio. Make sure to stay on the road and watch out for monsters along the side as they will attack you.

Once you reach Gludio go through and out the east exit. Checking your map will reveal a large river to the East that runs north to south. This is a highway for many people because in the water you are safe from creatures as most of them will be a good distance from the water's edge. Run into the water and head north until you come to a bridge that crosses the river. Get out of the water and watch out for Lireins and Lirien Ribes, they are transparent floating women along the shore.

Check your map and follow the road the leads NE to the next bridge. The road that continues north off this bridge will lead you to the Elves village, follow it. You will come to a crossroads at one point as you near the village. Take note that this is what people mean when they say to meet at the crossroads and that this is also a major travel point. To the East you have the Elf village, to the South the Elf Fortress (check your map), and to the west you have the spider fields.

If you would like to make some cash there is a quest in town for you. Head into town and take a left immediately after you get off the bridge and head into the magic shop. Talk to the trader on the right and get the quest to collect spore sacks. Go out of town through the west gate and open your map. On the map to the south you should see Iris Lake, go to the left of there and kill Spore Fungus until you get ten spore sacs. Then return to town and give them to the trader for a reward of 2k adena.

You can repeat this quest as much as you want and buy some new armor for yourself. Though I recommend sticking with the wooden armor for the life bonus and defense bonus, plus the stuff you can buy in this town that is above it only offers a tiny bit more defense and now life bonus. After you have finished farming money head to the crossroads and form a team of one healer and two tanks by shouting out in the all channel that you are looking for a healer and another tank around your level.

Once you have formed a team head back to the West to the spider fields. Now, the first thing you need to know is that Hook spiders will not attack you, Crimson Spiders will, as well the random Liriens but all are social so be careful how you pull. Its best if you use your bow to pull Liriens out of groups of spiders and vice versa. Now kill like mad until you reach fifteen and make sure to watch for a Bow of Forest off of the Hook spiders, it s a 150k adena weapon and very useful for you.

Now that you have reached level fifteen, head west down the road and hop back into the river, and follow it down to Gludio. In Gludio on the West side you will find a black smith who will teach you the skills you need. Make sure to grab the Spoil and Sweep skills if you don t have them at this point, it is highly recommended. Also fill up on Weapon mastery and armor mastery. Remember this place well, as it is where you will come on main land to get new skills and later on better weapons.

Head back to the crossroad and pick up another team around your level unless you happen to have one. Head to the west over the bridge to what is called the Neutral Area, the area between the Dark Elves and the Elves Here you will find Scavenger Wererats and Arachevils and Lyconthropes. The Wererats won t attack you and you can spoil them before you begin your assault on them. The Arachevil and Lycanthropes on the other hand will attack you and the Arachevil has poison which can be a real pain, make sure your healer has cure poison 1. Watch out for the Lycanthropes, best just to stay away from them as they hit pretty hard.

All targets are social and after killing so many wererats you may get a wererat chief to spawn with a couple of buddies. I didn t have enough guts to go see if they attack but lets treat them as if the do. If this place gets too boring for you, you can always head to the elf fortress for levels, though as one Elf I know said, that place is the spawn of all evil