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Star Forge - Empire

Customer Rating: Total 738 customers reviews.
Delivery Time: 8 Minutes

Stock :40752024 K SWTOR Credits

ProductPricePromotionAdd to Cart
8000000 K SWTOR Credits168.77 $
7000000 K SWTOR Credits147.68 $
6000000 K SWTOR Credits126.58 $
5000000 K SWTOR Credits105.48 $
4000000 K SWTOR Credits84.39 $
3000000 K SWTOR Credits63.29 $
2000000 K SWTOR Credits42.19 $
1500000 K SWTOR Credits31.64 $
1000000 K SWTOR Credits21.10 $
900000 K SWTOR Credits18.99 $
800000 K SWTOR Credits16.88 $
700000 K SWTOR Credits14.77 $
600000 K SWTOR Credits12.66 $
500000 K SWTOR Credits10.55 $
400000 K SWTOR Credits8.44 $
300000 K SWTOR Credits6.33 $
200000 K SWTOR Credits4.22 $
150000 K SWTOR Credits3.16 $
100000 K SWTOR Credits2.11 $

Customer Rating Details

Reviews for Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) - US
Total 738 customers reviews.
Rating system began in December, 2009.

Product Rating

Write a review Categories: Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) - US
Overall Rating:      Total 738 customers reviews.
Customer Comments: LAST 5
Dumbéa sur mer
Personal Rating:            Rating Date: 02/26/2021

comment: Easy, fast, pro, its awsome ty mmo sale team !!

Dumbéa sur mer
Personal Rating:            Rating Date: 02/24/2021

comment: awsome, fantastique, rapide, mmo team best for sure.

Personal Rating:            Rating Date: 02/19/2021

comment: I may have been a bit lazy with giving 5 stars to everything. But I've ordered from here quite a few times, and never had any issues, or reason to go anywhere else.

Dumbéa sur mer
Personal Rating:            Rating Date: 01/29/2021

comment: amazing, awsome, fast and easy like that !!

Personal Rating:            Rating Date: 12/27/2020

comment: My states it had been delivered, but I have yet to receive an in game mail

Mmosale Response:  Thank you for choosing Mmosale service. Yes, we have delivered you by ingame mail. However, the game has 30 mins delay. Normally you will receive your order in 30 minutes. Thank you again for your understanding and patience. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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