What are Artifacts in the New World? 

Artifacts are a new rarity of items found in New World that provide special attribute bonuses to players. They differ from traditional equipment and can completely change our role in the new world. However, obtaining an artifact is not an easy task, as their rarity determines their power. Each artifact provides six enhancements, one unique to that specific artifact and cannot be found in any other artifact. Additionally, completing artifact tasks is necessary to upgrade and unlock the unique characteristics of the artifact.



Artifacts Unlock & Upgrade

Obtaining artifacts is not a simple task; they are not randomly scattered in the world, and specific methods are necessary to obtain them. 

1 Boss Battles and Loot are obtained by defeating powerful bosses in dungeons, elite areas, or open worlds. Killing the BOSS will allow you to get powerful artifacts that change the game’s rules in new world. 

2 PVP Reward Track. If you prefer PVP, you can also participate in advanced PVP activities to demonstrate your skill level and obtain rare artifacts. However, it’s not an easy task. 

3 PvE Quests and Expeditions. Completing higher-difficulty PVE quests and Expeditions will also allow you to obtain powerful artifacts.  

Artifact Quests: You need to complete the corresponding artifact quests to obtain the characteristics of the artifact. Each element requires completing a related artifact quest. 

Materials Required to Upgrade New World Artifacts:

Weapon Matrix X 1

Dark Matter X 500

Gypsum Orbs X 5

1 Crafting Mod

Unlocking and upgrading artifacts will require a significant amount of energy and money. At Mmosale, we offer safe and fast solutions to obtain the New World Gold you need for this process.


Types of Artifacts in New World

There are three Artifact types in New World game: Weapon, Armor, and Jewelry. Here is a detailed list of these artifacts:

Artifact Weapons in New World. As a type of weapon, can directly improve your combat power in all aspects. 


Artifact Armor in New World. Artifact Armor can greatly improve your survivability in battle, so it’s essential to have along with weapons.


Artifact Jewelry in New World. Weapons improve your combat power, and armor improves your survivability. Artifact Jewelry will further enhance your strength and provide additional attributes and special effects. With its help, combat can become more dynamic and thrilling. 


In the third season of The New World, the launch of Artifacts is set to revolutionize the game and change how players approach it. Adding Artifacts will introduce new challenges that players need adapt to and overcome. By exploring, acquiring, and enhancing Artifacts, players will become better equipped to take on these challenges.