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How to transfer FIFA15 FUT Coins

Method 1 ( When your main account has not enough gold coins)

Step 1: First of all, what you need to do is logging in to your FIFA15 Main account and goes to the store to buy a “Bronze pack” (Play one match or two to earn enough coins if you can’t afford a “Bronze Pack”). Open a “Bronze Pack” and you will get some players, contracts, kits, team logo, etc. I suggest you use the Bronze players, contracts, kits, tea logos for their low price and in most cases they are easily to be found. Then the next thing you should pay attention to is setting an appropriate price. Put them on the transfer market with an appropriate “Buy Now Price” which should be lower than 600 coins (in order to make your sale items easily findable) and a fixed “Buy Now Price”, 4,900 coins for example, or other prices which should not be less than 4,500 coins to guarantee more coins every turn. Sell 30 players or other items for the same “Start price” and “Buy Now Price”. It does not matter what selling time you choose. That being said, setting an appropriate selling time can let your sale items more quickly to be identified.

Step 2: Log in to the new account provided by us and buy all the players and items in the auction house with “Buy Now Price”. You can also use “Quick sell”. For example, you can get 147k coins every turn by buying 30 players or items with “Buy Now Price” 4,900. Repeat 10 times in this way, you can transfer 147 k x 10 =1,470K coins in all.

Method 2 (When your main account has enough gold coins)

 Step 1: Buy one or several players who has big price difference (in other words, there is a big price range between his start price and “Buy Now Price”) at auction house. Generally, these players sell poorly even if they are priced very low. Blaise Matuidi (85), just as an example, I can easily get him for price 800K   and then I will sell him at auction house. Note that setting an appropriate selling price is very important, for example, you can set Start Price at 818K and Buy Now Price at 1,198K or other easy-to-remember prices because the FUT name is invisible in auction house now. It does not matter what selling time you choose. That being said, setting an appropriate selling time can let your sale items more quickly to be identified)

Step 2: Log in to the new account provided by us then go to auction house and buy player Matuidi (85) (please confirm him carefully to make sure he is the exact   player sold by your main account). Buy him with Buy Now price 1,198K and then sell him with a cheaper price (e.g. Start price 808K, “Buy Now Price” 813K) for you to easily search him. Of course, you can set price at will but be sure not to set the Buy Now price very high to avoid low coins output every turn.

Step 3: Return back to your main account and buy this Matuidi (85) sold by you in step 2 with “Buy now price” 813K. Now, you will actually get 1198K-813K=385K coins. After repeating this process ten times you will get 385k x 10 =3,850k. If you have two Matuidi (85) you can transfer 770 (385Kx2) through one purchase. As you can see, you can transfer any amount of coins with this method.

Step 4: After you have transferred all the coins, you can sell this player if you don't want to use transfer coins with him anymore. Make his Start Price and “Buy now Price” as low as you can, if lucky, he will be sold in a short time.

I still remember that I once used MESSI (93) to transfer coins, every turn I can get 2,000K. It’s amazing. But the only limitation is that you must have appropriate players available such as MESSi. Hope you can find more other good players. Here is one trick for you, using some Chemistry Style, such as wrong positioning to let your player more easily to be found.

FIFA 15 coins

How to search your players and items more quickly in auction house?

1. For example, you have a “Bronze” player for sale in auction house with a “Start Price” 750 and “Buy Now Price” 4,900. After logging in to the new account, you can search him with the following settings.

Transfer method
  1. Choose search type
  2. choose “contract” and “Bronze
  3. set price

2. For example, player Matuidi(85) (start price: 818K / Buy Now Price: 1,198K), you can search him in auction house like this.

FIFA transfer
  1. choose “Player Search
  2. Enter the player name and choose him
  3. Adjust price