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Guild Wars: The latest Guild Wars update

Guide Cartography Made easy and Glitched areas

Glitched Locations:
Some places can be accessed even though they are not meant to be visited. These often do not unblur the map and/or lead to the 'edge of the world' where terrain is no longer rendered. These areas are not required for the Cartographer title but will count towards its progression.

Along the eastern side of Talus Chute, north of the Ice Caves of Sorrow, there is a place where players can walk up the side of the mountain then traverse the ridge along the northeastern edge of the zone.

In The Great Northern Wall mission, after the timer starts, you can run into the Charr camp to the north and get to the very edge there.

The northeastern mountains of Eredon Terrace can be explored by those belonging in the alliance which controls it. Otherwise, the area can be reached by exiting the zone. Once out of the city, cast Viper's Defense as close to the portal as possible. With any luck players can teleport beyond without actually entering the city. After this is done, a player can walk into the exclusive area of the city and across the bridge.

Following along they can pass over a small hill revealing a large area of explorable area near "the end of the world" or edge of the map that can be explored for around .6% of the title (note this area is not needed for the title). Note that an irremovable black area where the map was extraneously explored will form.

Necrotic Traversal or Consume Corpse can be used to reach the path traveled by Prince Rurik during the Frost Gate mission. Pull an Ice Golem or use a Bone fiend minion master necromancer that will sacrifice himself to death to kill one of Rurik's guards, or kill the Snow Wolf under the bridge later in the mission to create a corpse for teleporting.

Using Return on Master Togo or Brother Mhenlo during the quest A Meeting With the Emperor can be used to travel beyond the gate to Zin Ku Corridor, skipping the portal.

Necrotic Traversal or Consume Corpse can be used to 'jump' on the corsair ships in the Chahbek Village mission, before destroying the ship and after killing at least one corsair on it (to provide a corpse to teleport to). this won't get you to the edge of the world, but each ship does add up to about 0.1%.