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Guild Wars: Esteemed Guild Wars guild punished for cheating

Guild tournaments are serious business in Guild Wars. The arena-based Player vs Player in ArenaNet's successful MMORPG is widely popular as global guilds face up for a top spot on the Tournament Ladder. One of the most popular and powerful of these competitive guilds is Rebel Rising [rawr], who has been in the spotlight many times for their own separate Rawr Cup Tournament. Recently though, Rebel Rising was caught cheating in a Guild versus Guild tournament. According to ArenaNet, both teams stopped fighting at the end of a match, allowing the timer to run down and guaranteeing both teams a spot in the Top 16. As punishment, Rebel Rising will have their gold cape trim removed for one month, while the other team, Survival Rate [zero] will not receive their silver cape trim, as would usually be awarded for a guild placing in the top 16.

Since this was the first offense for both guilds, the punishment was light. ArenaNet has stated that any future offenses will be met with temporary or permanent bans for any gamers concerned. So how do you feel about this decision? When guilds knowingly break the rules to manipulate the ladder, should the punishment be more harsh or more lenient?