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Guild Wars 2:Mesmer-master of the mind

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer

Mesmer-master of the mind, the last profession for Guild Wars 2 has been revealed! I was hoping for something new, rather than just an old profession coming back. Some of the professions are those that are returning from the first game, such as the Warrior, Ranger, Elementalist and Necromancer.

How does the Mesmer work

GW2 Mesmer

Like the other returning professions in Guild Wars 2, the Mesmer has some old tricks returning for them to bring the pain, but let’s talk about some of this new spells and tricks. First, let’s talk about the coolest looking, and my personal favorite, the portal! This is by far one of the coolest spells I have seen in the entire game. The video that was shown to us has the Mesmer creating two way points on the ground. When the enemy gets too close for comfort, the Mesmer enters the closest way point, and instantly teleports to the next way point. The monster gets confused, turns back and charges again. This opens up a lot of potential for strategy.

Mesmer bring the pain

Confusion works a bit like it does in the Pokémon games, only if a target with confusion uses an ability, they will always hurt themselves as well. Sounds cool, but it gets even better. This condition stacks up, and that’s what I love about it! The Mesmer is supposed to be the master of the mind, the ability to cause an enemy to become so confused they do as much damage as they dish out only makes sense, and gives that feeling that they are in control.

When the Guild Wars 2 will be released

Some of the most frustrating words any gamer hears from developers: It'll be released when it's finished. While those words may make sense in our heads, our hearts don't always follow suit. In today's Guild Wars 2 column, we look at those annoying words with regard to this most-anticipated title.