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Guild Wars 2: The Market, Crafting and Gathering

As the head start access has already begun, the final launch of Guild Wars 2 is just around the corner. Before entering the world of Tyria for fun, let's learn about something of economy in Guild Wars 2, the market, crafting and gathering. If you are a beginner of the game, you might need to take look at the article.

Guild Wars 2 gold trade and Gems market

The Market

Economy events mainly happen in the market. You can use the key O to the market and then sell or buy items on the trading post. Price there is open and transparent. For sellers, you can set a price for your item as your wish. To receive your item or money from sales, you also need to go to a trading post.

While ArenaNet has added a new trading currency Gems to Guild Wars 2, you can buy particular things from the market with Gems as well, which is to buy with real money. For example, you can use Gems to buy key to open a sealed chest, or buy other non-power-upgrades stuff. Only vanity items or boosters to increase gains for experience, karma, or glory can be purchased with Gems. It is different from other game's real money market. But it's more nice and equal, for avoiding situations of strength a character simply by purchasing strong equipments with money yet not truly participating in game plays.

Guild Wars 2 Gathering skills


If your character has the right tool, you can gather materials. In Guild Wars 2, the gathering skill is not limited with professions or crafting disciplines. All you need to do is to choose the right gather tool. Remember, logging axes are for gathering lumbers, while mining picks are for ore, and sickles are for herbs or vegetables. These tools can be bought form a vendor. But they are limited of times of use. So you'd better buy two or more sets if you are going to a long period of journey. Meanwhile, these tools have different qualities. Higher grades materials need higher level tools for gathering.


Guild Wars 2 crafting

You are able to learn two crafting profession at the same time in Guild Wars 2. Besides of the two you have learnt, you can switch to other professions without losing the progress of your former one. That is to say, it is possible to learn all the crafting professions at highest level. Wow this is Guild Wars 2. So as you craft, you will gain experience for leveling up the profession. The more challenging and rare item your craft, the more experience you will get.

Except of gathering, Guild Wars 2 provides several unique ways for getting material. You can resolve a gear with a kit and get some new materials form the gear's components. Like if you use a kit on a mace, you might get some copper from the head, some wood form the handle, or some leather form the grip. This method can make any items that you don't ever need into useful stuff. And it's a great way for gathering special material. Use kit of higher leveling will increase your chance of getting rare materials.